Weird AI behavior (keeps depopulating own planet)

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Re: Weird AI behavior (keeps depopulating own planet)

#16 Post by Vezzra »

Morlic wrote:Done.

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Re: Weird AI behavior (keeps depopulating own planet)

#17 Post by dbenage-cx »

Is it intended phototrophic not have an effect only on white or blue stars, if pop is not yet over 0?
Looks like this was added in commit bd9fd9e (which was partially reverted by 9cf843b).
That was also before very late priority was added, putting it after the large malus from Temporal Anomaly.

Not to say the suitability report should not support such, but the stars with a malus have no such limit.

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Re: Weird AI behavior (keeps depopulating own planet)

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Intent is hard to judge, that was before most of us were involved, I remember talking to Sloth about it awhileback and it was meant to mean certain techs were 'gated' and other techs actually did unlock habitability, but we've moved away from that.

I think taking out any residual min pop requirements for pop boosters makes the most sense here, the growth tree is due a rebalance sooner rather than later so if it creates any problems it can be fixed, and it's highly unlikely it'll make phototrophes even close to as powerful as self sustaining currently is.
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