segfault when loading

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Space Squid
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segfault when loading

#1 Post by RgnadKzin » Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:07 pm

Installed as 0.4.5-1pclos2016 from PCLinuxOS 64bit

It looks like this happened after ogre was updated

[brad@localhost ~]$ freeorion
Cannot connect to server socket err = No such file or directory
Cannot connect to server request channel
jack server is not running or cannot be started
AL lib: (WW) ALCjackBackendFactory_init: jack_client_open() failed, 0x11
AL lib: (WW) alc_initconfig: Failed to initialize backend "jack"
AL lib: (WW) alc_initconfig: Failed to initialize backend "pulse"
ALSA lib pulse.c:243:(pulse_connect) PulseAudio: Unable to connect: Connection refused

AL lib: (EE) ALCplaybackAlsa_open: Could not open playback device 'default': Connection refused
/usr/bin/freeorion: line 3: 26894 Segmentation fault /usr/bin/freeorion.real

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Geoff the Medio
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Re: segfault when loading

#2 Post by Geoff the Medio » Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:34 am

RgnadKzin wrote:Installed as 0.4.5-1pclos2016...
Try a newer version?

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