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Experience 0.4.8

#1 Post by Vioei »

I'm a pretty new player to FreeOrion. I'm not aware of incoming new developments, other plans and what's have been not realized until yet. I like to give a general feedback, more for to give new ideas.
It's a good game, makes fun, i didn't experience any bugs or lags and it is playable. The result of the work for this opensource-game is great!

The gameplay concept with populations, production, research, stockpile, ships, movement, exploration, customisable situation reports and other things, different star systems, planets, building, colonization, outposts and much more works fine, i like it.
But i think there's still something to improve on the combat system, research tree, graphics, species balance. What about these ideas:

Combat system:

stacking single ship models is very powerful, not much tactical combat unless in early game, sometimes it goes up to exiting numbers...
- introcude ship limit per fleet, to pass limit you need additional stocked production for supply (connection with stockpile?) or better fleet communication systems, or both :D

Research tree:

i think this needs a rework.
it's a big tree with a lot to research, you can research everything, even some simple stuff just after you got black hole generator...
at the moment it's most about to have the right line to research and rest can be done later.
- how about a more strict research system? some species allow / restrict parts of the research tree (beeing able to grow new species gets a new meaning) and after you made some progress, you can't research other things from scratch
- new tech categories: research (increase research, buildings), population (increase growth, buildings, specials/evolution), industry (increase production, buildings), ship engineering (increase stats, buildings, ships, ship parts), infrastructure (buildings as planetary defence, general intelligence, stockpile and psychological features), space engineering (modification of planets/stars/blackholes, buildings/space stations)


for the moment good, there's for sure other things to be done before (some graphic stuff can't be implemented for sure without much coding), but small steps can be done
- some shiny, glowing/enlighting stars or rotating planets around stars? :D
- other eye-candy like different galaxy backgrounds
- updated icons (i saw on forums there is some work ongoing)
- rework of nebulas, more diffuse, more dusty, reflecting star light

species balance:

species have several advantages/disadvantages. some points could make it more interesting and increase importance of teamwork or dominance.
- combined with a reworked research tree, it could be possible that species can get equal to each other over time (like an overall master species)
- diplomacy/communication, species probably could read and talk to other species, but they won't understand a single word, they need to learn it (translation reserach?) before to have contact
- option to share some research progress with allies


that are some ideas, i don't expect it to be done on christmas :mrgreen:
i'm willing to help to work out on these ideas, if there's a possibility

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