Sly Subteraean Habitation

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Sly Subteraean Habitation

#1 Post by BTA »

Completely unrealistic? But, tasty food for thought.

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Re: Sly Subteraean Habitation

#2 Post by defaultuser »

Often those population ones don't make too much sense for given species and planet types.

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Re: Sly Subteraean Habitation

#3 Post by Ophiuchus »

BTA wrote: Thu Feb 18, 2021 6:49 pm Completely unrealistic?
Actually not. The Sly can live only in a certain layer of denseness else the pressure kills em. So for going deeper they probably need pressure tanks.
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Re: Sly Subteraean Habitation

#4 Post by Oberlus »

Also, you can think of S.H. not as letting gasbags actually live undergrond but use that space for industrial/agricultural stuff (for gasbags, probably some chemical facilities to enrich atmosphere with nutrients). Gasbags going down there (for short periods of time, with the right equipment) do it for the paycheck, not to visit their relatives.

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