Game feedback when set to "giant megalomaniac" version.

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Game feedback when set to "giant megalomaniac" version.

#1 Post by murasaki » Sun Jul 14, 2013 10:08 pm


I'm not a programmer, so all I can give is layman feedback on the pre-compiled version. I've started a few 450-500 star games. The game holds up spectacularly well actually, however two things are insanely slow, as in takes nearly a minute or so, at around turn 200: adding or changing anything in the production queue (and my queue only has about a dozen or so entries at any given time), and changing a planet's focus.

I've changed one thing in the configuration: I multiplied the research multiplier by 10. I don't know if that had any effect on the problem. (For me, it's a lot more fun to simulate the real world in this regard. How many Wildcat fighters were produced before the Navy finally got the Hellcat? :) )

The save game file is enormous, so unless you request/need it, I won't try to link it.

Despite being up to around the 30,000 fleet number (can't tell you how many really exist, but I have monsters maxed out as well), the part of the turn generation that I think is plotting AI moves (the ship positions update on the map just after) is working very well, IMHO.

I have some suggestions, but before I voice them, I will try to browse the forums and the game settings a little more first, and post them in the proper place.

You all are doing a helluva terrific job. This is a very fun game, already worthy of being a MOO2 successor. :D

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