Hyperspatial Dam Negative Overall Result

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Hyperspatial Dam Negative Overall Result

#1 Post by SomeGeek » Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:47 pm

I've wanted to test the Hyperspatial Dam for a while in a controlled environment so I waited until the end of a game after I controlled the whole galaxy and all of my population growth had stabilized.

I started with:

Population: 3.57 K
Production: 10.5 K
Science: 2.58 K

After I built the Dam on a black hole planet, within a few turns the production bumped up to 11.4 K, but then my population started sliding down, over 20 or 30 turns. Once everything had stabilized again, I ended up with:

Population: 3.2 K
Production: 10.5 K
Science: 2.54 K

This is on version 0.4.3 svn 6281.

Misc note: there is some weird behavior around the population reduction;

You see things like:
population this turn: 40.0
next turn: 40.0
change -0.005
target population 40.0

and slowly the change amount will get even smaller, but not quite reach zero.
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