odd graphics freeze in 6836

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odd graphics freeze in 6836

#1 Post by Dilvish » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:18 pm

I just adjusted the build quantity of a ship item on the queue, and when I selected the number FO froze up and my cursor disappeared, with teh dropdown hanging there. At first I thought it was a complete freeze/crash, but I went to look in the logs before killing the processes and saw that it had recorded the focus change after the apparent freeze. Going back to FO again I saw that it had finished processing the quantity change (the number selection dropdown went away), and I saw one tick of advance in the system selection indicator. FO was consuming 4% CPU time. Other than that it still seemed frozen. I play FO windowed and my mouse was still visible around the exterior perimeter, so I navigated the cursor next to the Production Queue icon, and then then estimated movement over the icon and clicked. Nothing visible happened, but if I then hid FO and brought it back, it was updated & the production queue was put away. I was able to repeat this, bringing up and putting away the production queue, by hiding & bring back the FO window between each change; otherwise the FO display stayed frozen. To double check that the logs were really updating correctly I even navigated the mouse around the perimeter next to a build queue item, moved it own what I guessed was a suitable amound and double clicked, hid FO and brought it back and sure enough the item was gone from the queue (and upon checking the log it was updated properly also).

It's probably some kind of GG or OGRE bug, I'm not too hopeful of figuring it out, but there's the info I have, just in case....
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