Late game lag update

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Late game lag update

#1 Post by MatGB » Tue Mar 10, 2015 6:27 pm

So, given I can't run the game on my machine without it crashing anymore, I've switched to using my stepdaughter's far better laptop when she's not using it. That's a far more powerful machine with an i5 and HD graphics unlike my cheap machine.

So I figured I'd try a much larger map, which has been fun. 500 systems, on Low planets, almost completion. It's playable. Lag has kicked in for me now, but not as bad as it has in the past at much smaller sizes, but it still appears to start being annoying, especially in the production queue, when I've got over 150 population centres. I'm at over 10K pp output, the game is, effectively, won, but i want to play it through.

In other words, things have improved, a more powerful machine is much better running it, but there's still a noticeable problem and at roughly the same point it used to kick in. It's reduced, but still there.

I have noticed the fan working almost constantly when the game is running though, although no CPU hogging, I'm guessing it's the graphics rendering causing that.

Still, most enjoyable game I've played for quite a long time, which has been nice.
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