Love the start of something wonderful.

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Love the start of something wonderful.

#1 Post by godel » Mon Mar 30, 2015 7:39 pm

Love this game, happy that it is going to improve.

One of the starting places is that ship's combat rating that I now find on my linux system,

(btw, a update button would be wonderful. But as the linux stuff must be compiled first, I can understand holding off on such)

I never know how to rate the situation that I am sending my ships into, either planet, or fleet, or monster. For fleet I can estimate. But would a 300/300 win against a 60/1000 monster? Or vs a 10/20 planet? What if the planet was protected by a 100/100 fleet? Who can figure? We either stockpile needlessly or send in the clowns and hit load a turn later.

Having a this vs that calculation tool, either directly or even this is rated X combat points and that is rated Y would work. Having the Planetary mines change either the defense or offense stat of the planet (or yet a third stat) would help in estimating combat results.

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