Tooooo many monsters! 0.4.5 September 1st release

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Tooooo many monsters! 0.4.5 September 1st release

#1 Post by pheonixstorm » Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:10 am

I am back and playing again (glad to see the memory leak fixed from 0.4.2/3?).

I must say I don't remember there being so many monsters in the previous release I played. I normally play low monsters and medium natives/specials and it seems every system that contains either has a monster sometimes up to 3 monsters per system. It gets even worse if there is a nest around.

I also noticed a large number of empty systems compared to last time i played. Is this intentional? I know the monsters may not be as it was brought up in another thread somewhere.

Anyway, glad to see everyone kicking and screaming still :lol:

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