Where is my nukes Oo.. missles system guns and other things.

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Where is my nukes Oo.. missles system guns and other things.

#1 Post by xlightwavex » Fri Dec 04, 2015 4:05 am

I seem to have got the hang of this more now, i feel some things are lacking or missing.
So i was thinking of things that would be cool.


My ships seem to be able to bomb planets but only bomb the troops.
I Know you can get deathspores but they are mega expensive.
There is really nothing in between, ive gone far into the game and never used them.
This makes the game play a bit linear its basically (troopships and more troopships).
Shouldn't we have like early tech nukes that irradiate planets with a lot of bombardment.
Shouldn't that kill population or structures more then troops.
I mean of all the things the troops would actually be the best protected from bombardment.

As well this would allow a reason to have cheaper colony ships.
Colonizing is fun to me.
Im sure im not alone in the exploration and settling part of the attraction in the game.

I was thinking if earlier game bombardment slot weapons like nukes were added.
The trade off would be.
They would require slots on ships and the planet gets irradiated if too many are used.
So you can't really use the planet immediatly afterwards.
Maybe it could be a temporary radiation that dissipates like a planetary effect.
That only a certain expensive tech can get rid off earlier.
Plus it might be a weapon that isn't used in ship vs ship so that it is a trade off.
Its also nice to reduce a enemy instead of invading when the enemy on the planet is a race you don't want there but you don't have death spores yet.
Additionally they should be like fuel you have to reload them.
The above gave me another idea i want to toss out there.

Self Destruction... scorched earth.

I was thinking it would be cool if you could nuke your own planet.
like build monster bomb nuke silos, then rather then giving it up to the enemy self destruct them.
Sort of like leave nothing for the enemy to use, irradiating the planet for some turns.
So he has to be a radiation resistant race have a tech or wait a while for the effect to subside, before colonizing it or using it fully.

Splash weapons... nukes and types of weapons like that.

Weapons of this sort would fill a gap
Were you fire and and maybe splash a couple other ships for lower damage.
In a space type battle this might be effective for point defense or to detect cloaked things also.
Though there is nothing that you need point defense you might add something later.
Anyways with splash weapons in the offensive role.
In this case ship speed might reduce the damage.
Giving players a reason to not just use the biggest ship or a giant lumbering slowpoke.

Planetary Gun... for minor fortifications, think the asteroid killer in starship troopers.

I was thinking a planetary gun or a system defense gun would be cool.
Where that could splash like 3 ships or more and could be build on your planet or a outpost.
This way they could be used as a sort of a fortification a stop gap and give outposts more use.
So you might even just strategically place one in a system to deny it to a lone enemy ship or small force.
It would have to be more powerful then one or two ships at its level but not to powerful.

Missles.... they are missing.

You might add missles with a unique delayed attack ability.
Such that to have them fire on turn one but not hit till turn 2.
Then you might also have the need for speacial ecm tech other then cloak to slot.
like point defense weapons, that are specifically point defense they don't fire offensively.
You might even make them so they have special damage like shields reduce there damage by x1.5.
Then whats left over does 2x damage against ship hp.
Making shields more useful then they are now.

A Ecm Ship...

It would be nice if there was a very expensive Anti Cloak ship you could build.
Or a really expensive part expensive like the colony ship is expensive.
For the specific purpose of use against a planet to place a decloaking effect on it.
This would have to cost a lot, and get used up when activated on a planet.
It would place a cloak reducing effect on the planet for a few turns.
Maybe that stacks, so you need a lot for a really highly cloaked enemy.
Im thinking like you have the invade option for troop ships.
This ship or ships, would have a decloak option on cloaked worlds you can't see.
So you have one option or the other if you can see it you can invade it if not you can probe it.
One good reason this is nice is just to eliminate strategic spots, another...
If a enemy sneeks in a cloaked colony on your system and has mines or something its cheap.

All these types of things combined could really mix things up.
Making attacking and defending a bit less linear or standard.
As well as give options on how to take on a enemy.

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