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Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:34 pm
by Scara

Great Progress! I'm tested solarweb it seems to work, but I didn't do the maths =)
You improved the statuslog that it won't jump back to the beginning when changing to the productionlist, great!
Another thing I noticed that might improve gameplay, concering the log:
- the frame only appears when clicking the initial symbol of the log entry, but I prefer clicking directly the link to the system.
To better keep track of the log row and saving clicks, it should take the frame to the log entry that is clicked anywhere
- sometimes I do lots colonising. I noticed colonising lots of planets in different systems in the same turn lets them appear completely mixed up in the log,
a grouping by system would be nice

I don't really bomb planets, so haven't tested bombardment, but I saw that spacemonsters come with individual bombardment skills aswell...
Keep it up, I love this game!

Ah sorry I meant the Situation Report, with Statuslog...