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Production and Research Tooltip

#1 Post by Scara »

They are cool! One of the features I was waiting for :D
Now making use of them I found out there might be an other interesting Information that could be included there.
For example you have a good populated world and change the focus to lets say industry, it was growth before. Than you'll get a large rise in the target output, but eventually it will change slow.
If you develop a new tech that improves industry, then the target output might as well have a large rise but it will change much quicker, as all planets industry rise simultaneously.
To get this displayed, maybe add a extra line Next Turn Output, above Target Output.
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Re: Production and Research Tooltip

#2 Post by Geoff the Medio »

Scara wrote:...maybe add a extra line Next Turn Output, above Target Output.
That number presently can't be calculated. Even the tooltips on individual meters on individual planets or ships, which have a "predicted next turn" shown, don't take into account any effects that modify the meter separately from the basic +1/turn growth towards target values. For example, the Force-Energy Structures tech adds additional modifications to resource meter changes, but these aren't accounted for in the predictions.

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