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Automatic window resizing

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 7:42 am
by MatGB
I have this option unchecked as it always annoys me. Turns out it doesn't work as expected anyway.

If I increase the size of my display, game windows stay where they were, but if I (accidentally) decrease the size, then the windows shrink as well.

I accidentally hit the restore icon instead of the minimise icon on my topbar, and the screen halved (Linux setting I haven't tweaked yet), I was on the game menu/frontscreen, so restored it and got on with what I was doing. When I loaded the game up my production panels and the sidepanel were massively reduced and in the wrong places, the messages window similarly. Strangely, the fleet window was where it ought to be.

I have my preferred positions in persistent config, but they were overridden by me hitting the wrong button, which given I've selected 'don't do this' isn't what I expected to happen.