Game Ideas! (for Unity engine)

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Game Ideas! (for Unity engine)

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Not many people post threads about ideas they had but I do so I made this thread :D for game ideas, even if no one else uses it I sure will ;)

This thread is a place people can share ideas they had for game/parts of game or maybe for something else as long as it uses unity.

Please dont steal any ideas posted hear, but if people do post here remember that they could be stolen.

I will kick it off with an idea for a Pokémon-like game for phones and whatnot.

The idea is that a terrorist group releases a group of genetically modified monsters to destroy the world and its your job to round them up, you would play as a young knight who just graduated from knight school and has just left for his first quest when you see a giant monster destroying the knight academy, your mentor tells you to go get help and he will go to try and stop it.

you go to the monster lab which made the monsters you find there a tied up researcher who tells you what happened and once untied gives you a device to hold the monsters in but tells you that they must first be weekend and that a mere human cannot do it, but due to all the monsters being freed he only has one left which is a week one, instead of leveling up you would get different DNA strands that can give your monster added effects and ability’s.

The graphics would be very similar to Pokémon HG/SS and D/P

I have an old project and once I’m done my current project it will likely become this game ;)
what do you think of the idea?

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