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#1 Post by Nightfish »

Well, just wanted to post a quick message to let you know that I'm leaving FreeOrion. Good luck with the project, though! See ya! :wink:

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#2 Post by Zanzibar »

No!! You can't go. The drones love you...

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#3 Post by utilae »

First Drek and then NightFish, we need a new design team. :lol:

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#4 Post by JosEPh »

Why? :(

Is it becoming to hard to make Free Orion?

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#5 Post by Tyreth »

Sorry to see you go. It's been great having your help and enthusiasm with this project. Be sure to keep checking out the project, and don't forget us :wink: We won't forget you.

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#6 Post by drek »

I'm still watching things btw, checking in about once a week.

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#7 Post by Aquitaine »

I'm sorry to see Nightfish go, and I hope he returns before long. One way or another, we'll have a Nightfish in this game!

As we pick up momentum -- and probably after v0.1 is released -- we'll be filling out the design team a little more, although, if you look at the definitions of the roles (I think on the general announcements board? maybe the archive? I forget) you'll see that there's not a whole lot in the way of official duties - mostly just increased time and some moderation duties.

If you're interested, just remain an active contributor. We have two types of positions - the core designers (of which we have traditionally had two or three) and the creative team, which is a larger group who will get credited in the game. Anyway, sometime over the next eight weeks, I'll get in touch with people about this, so don't worry about it now.
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#8 Post by Nightfish »

Don't worry Tyreth, I won't forget you people and the project, either. ;) I'm still checking the site from time to time.

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#9 Post by MuaDib »

So ... what's this place all about then ?

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#10 Post by Underling »

MuaDib wrote:So ... what's this place all about then ?
Good to see you again MauDib. How's life in the Neo-Cove?

As for this place, it seems that the non-covers who were scarred and dissatisfied by the IGMoo fiasco deciced to take matters into their own hands and build a game more in line with what they wanted.

I'm a little of a Johny-come-lately here since I missed the first few months of the development process, so others could probably tell you more. I will say that there seems to be some darn talented and creative people around here. The first pre-alpha release and many of the development threads have me pretty excited. Check it out for yourself.

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#11 Post by MuaDib »

Neo-cove is all good, although I was away for a significant amount of time to effect some major changes IRL.

Having successfully completed those I can once more pay attention to important things like : Thai girls, the size of my gut and games.

I will certainly be following this development with interest ...

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