A cool game i just found

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A cool game i just found

#1 Post by FireFox12 » Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:27 pm

Hey guys, I have fell in love with both masters of orion, and freeorion as well when i found it. But now i found yet another game very similar to both games. But with a smicity touch to it. It is called the Lacuna Expanse.

The Lacuna Expanse is a space strategy MMO. It has a complex tech tree, and also an involving combat system. There are over 100,000 stars to explore, and over a MILLION planets to colonize! There is an integrated chat system, and interesting AI opponents. You spend a lot of your time interacting with the players and expanding. You also have the option to compete in cold wars and espionage. This a very involved game, and recommend that someone try it out.

Interesting enough, this game went open source a few months back. The community is what drives this game to survival. Although it is a small community it also a great one. Guys, i have never seen any game like this. If you love FreeOrion (or Master of Orion) you'll going to love the Freedom this game gives.

If you haven't joined, here is my friend referral code to help you get started.

https://us1.lacunaexpanse.com/#referral ... 44b29a6673

Please contact my in-game account if you decided to join the community. Look for someone named Iris.

Firefox12 (and yes i do use FireFox)

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