IMHO: This project has just lost its MoO feeling

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pd wrote:somebody should lock this thread now, please. it's in no way productive, instead it's annoying and time wasting.
It's not annoying to me, but we should come to an end. Everything is said. Should be looked now.
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I can start calling people rude names, if that will help. :D
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Ellestar wrote:Yes, that's what i'm talking about. Say, you researched 5 battleship techs in 5*Y turns. Now you think that you need carriers (corvettes, different kind of weapon, different tree of economy buildings etc.).
Ah but you are making an assumption there. Who says that all our tech is going to be is improvements on existing ships, buildings, etc.

More likely rather than having "Battleship Tech" we will have "Capital Ship Tech", making Capital Ships (Including Carriers, and Battleships) more effective and cheaper. Ship design is DEFINETLY in though it has not been decided officially. And I imagine that the difference between a Battleship and a Carrier will be that a carrier holds a lot of fighters even sacrificing armor, while the Battleship is heavilly Armed, and Heavilly armored designed for taking out other Capital Ships, its really up to the player to decide. Also as geof said, it is up to you to actively scout rather than wait for the enemy to come to you and then adapt.
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Hey, the rpoject is open-source. If anyone doesnt like the way the project is going, then fork, and have a nice life :)

Its not really fair to complain when things arent going the way that you would like them to, when people are putting so much effort in. And it all just ends up being very antagonistic and a waste of everyones time....

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DeathAndPain wrote: vishnou00 wrote:
Moo3 did something like this, for both techs and buildings. For me, the messages just kinda became background noise....
Hey! I didn't write that!
But still, I agree that there is a very high noise-to-signal ratio (>40db, I'd say :) ) in this particular thread.

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Yes, the time has come for this thread to rest.

Now locked.

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Moved this thread to rants and raves (since it is not a discussion at this point)

The only point remaining I want to respond to is what D&P said about 'why is there not more discussion about what has already been decided.'

My answer is: because we want to spend nearly 100% of our time discussing what we haven't decided. This issue went through the process and was finished. I intend to revise the process somewhat in the future to avoid some of the difficulty we had, but we did get what we needed from it.

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