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#1 Post by anofalye » Tue Jul 08, 2003 11:12 am

Here are 2 messageas I already post on another server, use any part or none, as you see fit.



Just having to much time to kill...

But I would really have love a game that goes a little like Civilisation, but much more logically(I love civs, don`t take me wrong there).

I mean, in early age, you should have a small map, like a province of Britain or France, no cannot grow beyond a limit in that age...

Then if you "win" that age, the map goes bigger (like half France or something) and the rules changes a little, new techs and all, new events(Romans, Huns, Crusades)...and your faction power is based on last era, you can always expend to a limit, no more in each era, that limit evolve with there is always a challenge.

Until in the end you wage for galactiv domination with others races or something...

You should never have the right to have more then a few wonders, if you dominate an era, you still have to pic only a few wonders, not rape all! :P

Well...just a thought...would be fun to start with like a village in stone age and then fight roman invasion(or join them), then fight for soem Europeen might, then the colonisation time outside of Europe mostly...then world domination...then galactic...that is a few era and many could be added, a new map(bigger) each time and no complete map domination until a very late time for each era if any at all...

1 of the VERY strong point in such a game would be...if you add an expension, it could be on 1 era and work that era with a lot more details, add a new place in the world and new differents rules there(like starting in a province of China or Japan). You could just work the expension era alone, but you could add it to a bigger campaign. A civilisation might be very strong at some era and very weak in others. Would an Italian faction have any choice but to join the Roman empire willingly or been crushed...joining the Empire is not without internal struggles and risk from invading armies later.

*giggles maddly*



Well, the original game turn can be "fast pace", lower difficulty level been simpler, a little like Birthright was, but wiser.

So a complete Noob play the game in 2 or 3 hours maybe, then you improve the complexity of the whole game, or just a particuliar era you like more, and then each era is like 2 or 3 hours... then you can improve more the difficulty level...of course you start the game design with the easiest difficulty level in mind, but keep room for improvement. In the basic level, army move fast, you build them fast, turn move fast, don`t want to waste the interest of someone that play for the first time.

Then, on a second game, the player find the game was to simple, they pick a highest difficulty setting, or complexity setting, could have both setting. This is more work althought, but not that much more work. As the real hard work is the hardest level, the rest are simplifications and they are a lot easier to put in.

Saddly I have no programming skill :P I just post my idea here.

So good if someone use it! I would be happy to share more ideas and discuss on this if someone would want to make me chat more. :P

I am a human being, which mean I might be lazy 1 day, and the next very very "hard focusing"

Of course you have to make sure the player know he reach the actual limit of his power for whatever time he is playing, that way the player know he is doing well and will not experience frustration as he understand this is for the fun of the game and the ongoing later. :P

Such a game, to be fun for all would really need multiples, progressive complexity levels (at least 3 at the start of the game), so a "casual" gamer(or someone trying for a first time" get a big picture in his first game in 2 or 3 hours, no more. Then, could complexify for longer game for the "hardcore"

Anyway, later all!


PS: Anyone is more then welcome to copy or modified any idea or the message itself. :P


Also, any feature of the game, someone should ALWAYS be able to let the computer handle that to the same skill the computer have, and be done as fast as possible. So a player don`t like any part of the game(tactical combat, tax management, micromanagement or whatever) and you can give clues to computer on what should be is direct line(in Civilisation, it keep doing freaking military units no matter what, I really hate that, I want a very low military and rely on draf for quick defense if needed, that way I more then compensate with the production and the cost spare, yet, computer keep lining me those damn military units, some cities don`t need any troops, but he cannot understand that simple fact :( ).

Putting computer in charge of any aspect of the game can be nice to experiment others aspects fasters or to remove any aspect that actally bother you and make you not enjoying your time. There should be no limit on what you can let the computer decide, you could just watch him play you completely if you want(there would be no point in this), if you don`t want to move the military units and make the war and all, you should be able to leave computer make those, althought I don`t understand why someone would want this, this choice belong to the player, maybe the player just love to build cities/Planets like in SIM and focus on tech, his call. Or maybe the computer is way to weak on 1 aspect, that way the player can`t abuse him on this aspect if he choose so and fight him on the other aspects. Same if the player is to weak on 1 aspect, instead of leaving out of frustration, can just go on with others aspects you like until you change your mind and want to work on your flaws again. :P This look silly, but for exemple, I play Medieval Total War, but I don`t do any battle myself, they are way to long and I don`t enjoy that at all, so I click and it is done in 2 seconds because I want it that way, any part of the game should be possible to handle that way, especally micromanagement. Can give them general heading or more detailed maybe. :P A "drafted" unit if such thing is in a game should not be able to move the turn it is created, since it appear right away from nowhere, it should have no move left (except maybe a fortify like order or a move to another city/planet to defend only, it should NOT be allowed to go in the wild or enemy territory the turn it is made, surprise attack of that way ain`t nice, yet surprise defense is acceptable).

Anyway, just ideas there... :D


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As far as I can determine this has nothing to do with FreeOrion and should be in the Rant&Rave section of our board, if at all. I'll move it now.

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