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TO real!! ...

#1 Post by Adamant » Tue Jan 07, 2014 8:13 pm

I have got a Link I thought to share with Idea it concerns to GameScope of FO and its Community would think wow that's cool! But in Respect of Idea that Things in FO should not get to close to real I took that as Title for this Thread. My Idea is that other Peope find sometimes also Things like that, perhaps Stuff from LHC, ITER or ISS and thus this Thread could envolve to something like the Terra Tec Tree ansimilar like in FO and thus origin Kind of Lib. Perhaps an important Point is in this Context Term ZOOLOGIE (of cosmic Objects, Particles, Technoglies, etc.) btw even Technolgy Laser is already intergrated in small Size like a Diode for few Cents into Consumer Products it is clear a QM-Application and would be worth to get in FO Technology Tree. Representative for Level of Technology I found several Applications:

FireAge StoneAge-I,II,III
Light Fire Fire - thermal Emission by chemical Reaction
Heating Fire Fire
Energy Lumber,SunLight +CharCoal
Propulsion PerPedes, BIO PerPedes
ContstructionMaterial n/a BIO-HC Wood, NAT Ceram Clay -> TEC Ceram Pottery
ToolMaterial n/a NAT-Ceramic Stone
ICT Verbal Stories, ..

Light GasLamp Thermal Emission powered by chemical Reaction
Heating GasOven, Bunsen
Energy HC Vapor Gas, HC BIO Solid Wood, HC Liquid Fossil Oil, WindEnergy
Propulsion BIO: Domesticated Mounts, Sails, WindMill
ContstructionMaterial Steel, Bronce, Ceram NAT,TEC,
Fiber HC BIO Linnen, Hemp, Cotton
ToolMaterial CarbonSteel, Ceram NAT (Grinding)
Optical TeleScope,MicroScope, Mirror, Prism
ICT Paper, Ink, ChalkBoard, Painting Oil,..
End 20C
later for Light: electrical/Thermal Emission: GasDischargeLamps (Sodium, MetalVapor, Mercury)
electrical/FieldEffect: (cold) Plasma: NeonTubes
electrical: QM LED, Inverse: PhotoVoltaicCell, Laser
nuclear: RadioActive (H3 Decay coupled with Flouresence: ArmWatch with liting Scales at Night)

Above is in technological large Share covered by CIV like Games excepted Fire&Stone-Age starting about 10ka BC, Domestication (by Nomads?!?) of Wolves to GuardDogs about 20ka BC while FO starts about there where CIV stops its Scope.

Ages above are totally out of Scope of this Thread but adjecting to temporally as here it is about 21C Wow-Tec/Facilities even Origin of ISS was before 21C started. In that Context it is Kind of deomstrative Introduction to stress the driving Points. When anytime first invented TORCH was incredible cool as it means to be first mobile Light Gear today People use their mobile ICT Gear its LED Display to lite their Enviroment else use modern LED-Chip PocketLamp Manufactures warn to look into that Lite directly..

Even if NuclearTechnology inparticular high energetic Application PowerReactor to drive private Vehicles for HighPerformance-Applications like military Gear like SeaCarrier which can navy for Years before need resupplied with fresh Fissia is by poitical Reasons not daily Live, NuclearPower is nevertheless Part of EnergeSources and exist also as mobile Appication for Naval militaric Gear while Politics did anytime stupidly decide against nuclear Apps for Space .. same Way would Sails have get forbidden for SeaFaring .. we may wonder what the Reason is for forbidding Sails and what it causes.. well it was Nuclear Energy instead for Space. With PhotoVoltaic we can keep close to CentralStar instead. In Scope of conquered Spaces terrestic is native, Water was easiest and important for Mobilitz, Logistic and Trade and thus for Economy: Spices taste fine but cultural Exchange including Porcellain Paper from China etc boosted Science and Technology, inparticular Paper as most powerful ICT of those Days. Before was Leather and broken Pottery Meanings to scratch resp write small Notes but think of Libraries. Gutenberg's LetterPrinting made Replication of Prints economical due to before Pages as whole were carved into wooden Plates and thus it was economical possible to print much more different Books in smaller Quantities and drived Culture and Science due to it was possible to distribute Knowledge and Informations in large Quantities, upcoming NewsPapers informed about daily Life happening Matters and thus concerned Politics.

While FO DOES HAVE strong Categories for its Technolgies these could be IMO even improved by Extension resp Specialication of these:

ICT SCI and ICT are mixed as Categories in FO
Mobility covers most Parts of ShipDesign-Issues but covers mainly militaric Needs
There is no civilian Application like ECO and SCI and the military Aspects
covers also Issues of Invasion resp Gear for GroundTroops. Therefore:
Military seperated from Mobility
Economy Gear for Colonization is still small Share of Tecs, we can think about more
like Mining Gear, ConstructionGear (CaterPillars). Aspect Logistic covered
partially from Mobility - we may wonder if GasTank-Gear concerns to Mobility
or Economy.
Logistic called InfraStructure in FO - I consider Term InfraStructure in a much broader
Scope and think the Way FO use it is better called Logistic while I consider also
ShipYard and PowerPlants and ICT to be Part of Infrastructur.
Energy Extreme important and curriously missing for Ships - Items above are perhaps questionary
but MOBILE PowerPlants misses clearly for Ships! These relates to Eta Effectivity how much and how eff Fuel gets converted into usable Energy

There exit 3 Colors RGB resp three according PhotoReceptors in human Physiology and thus Humans are very Sensitive to Colors Red Green and Blue. We can also well distinguish their Mixtures from R,G,B which are Magenta RedBlue, Cyan GreenBlue and Yellow RedGreen. Also White via RGB and B lack as none of RGB means clearly distinguishable Colors with high Contrast. So we get a Set of
* Colors. WE have also very sensitive Receptors unsensitive to Color which means Brightness. In that Scope also their dark resp half lite Colors are well to identify. Magenta looks then violett and Cyan gets Turquise while for Yellow I don't remind suspicious Change in Appearance like an independ
Color. If we think of GadGets resp Tec-Boxes like used in Tec-Tree, the BG Color as Preset is rather Black and one of the lite Colors while Lines for Frame are Grey as Kind of half White generally while the Tec-Boxes uses for FG one of the Top-8 lite Colors but Orange which mixes Yellow as RedGreen another Time with Red. WOULD we take contrast-strong MIXTURES of Top-8 lite for FG vs BG
we could gain much more contrast-strong ColorCodes for the Tec-Items/Boxes with Opportunity to define a logical Codification of these Colors like eg Frame does mean what does it hull and inside what what is used. Eg Color for Mobility for Frame while Color for Energy inside would explain mobile PowerPlant Tec. The brief Point is we can use strong CoorCodification similar like already used while enlarging the Symbol-Space logical (frame hulls and content integrated) or numerical Combination C1 other than C2 makes two Combinations .. but numerical unlogical as there exist no Meaning for c1<c2
and if it would be hard to memorize Nummer Values per Combination resp get able to count them ordered BUT would be easily distinguishable and that is already a Point. Briefer Point: we have enough Color(Combinations) for more Categories - the Player is free to figure their Meaning out taking that Color of Box with largest Share of Area as primary Attribute and and 2nd Share as secondary Attribute intuitively - if got aware that there exist a logical Scheme between primary and secondary. To be rethought but clear is there are enough Colors resp Combinations to do it this or that Way resp to adapt additional Categories and there especially Power as Power drives all we know.

Recon-Issues resp in particular Scanner-Tecs relates to a much broader Scope of Measuring while Measuring relates strongly to Production: you can not produce more precisse than you can measure - at least you wont know that. Howevr, would split Recon from Measuring Issues as special Application while Measuring is TecBase for Scanner and MeasurementGear for Production. In Context of Ages above an OscilloScope was one a thriving Gear powered ElectroTechnique incredible as it is a generic Measurement Gear which eg changes by a NTC/PTC into an electronical Thermometer with high Accuracy. Consider hear a Room with several dozen special Gauges and a single Osci with Probes for Temperature, Pressure, MagnetFields, pH etc. Just FYI - OscilloScopes are nowadays not really new while due to ICT Digital OscilloScopes called MemoryOscilloScopes which can record SignalCurves in RT, resp consider SETI in this Context: even they use different/special Gear they mainly clamp an Antenna to MemOscilloScope and use large Arrays of Computers to analyse received Data to insulate resp detect Signals inside that cosmic EM-Noise. You could consider SETI to be Item suitd for this Thread but its technical Base gets represented by ParabolAntennas, MemOscis coupled with PC to mine in received Noise for weak Signals.. Therefore MemOsci-Tec is driving Tec for SETI and does AFAIK or real concerns to 21C and therefore Item is relevant for this Thread. Factor in that there exist Frontier Discipines which utilze actual customized Ultra-HighEnd-Gear, Geaar that you can not buy to put it eg into your Mobile and thus get Mobile Cam with 4G Pixel Resolution even there may a single Satellite in Orbit swirl around having that and costed about same like Building you want to assemble your Mobiles and there exist just 5 Samples: one to fly, one for Reference Sat staying on Ground to support on PRoblems with flying Gear, one inside hard stressd Gear to identify Limits for Shackig etc resp does it resist 4x StressLoad and one to crash due to Murphy flow with the first. That Way are multiple Samples calculated not Matter if these are three, four or five. It is clearly not Gear of MassProduction nd it is actually unlikely for SensorTypes to fly second Time as long as its more powerful Successor is already under Construction. The Point relates to Policy to extend Frontiers of SCI and TEC as Objective for according Agencies and Organizations resp especially for Missions and Programms. That Explanation addresses that this Objective is not MAtter of Nature but Politic and you could it also do in another Way and does not mean to be Kind of Proposal to make it in FO same Way while that Question resp Constraints are suited for Consideration: EG first SpaceYard could perhaps costs a really Lot as special Construction resp the sencond could get much better but is Special as well addresses large Leaps in Development. Anytime a Player could decide to change Design to make it suited for SerialPRoduction what means that the Product gets much cheaper IF large enough Quantities geet produced. Consider manufactured RollsRoyce like Car produced in large Quantities and an ordinary small Car produced in a MassProduction Fabric which produce a single Sample - the manuactured would be much cheaper then that by MassProductionFabric without MassProduction. For single Examplares you can apply very special Tecs with large Costs addresses ProtoTypes resp Items you have to build one Time and do not have to factor in REQs of MassProduction. For MassProduction you have to change Design o ProtoType that you can build it in Masses cheaply as without cheap no Masses of People buy it and thus does not work economical like explained for Cars. As SpinnOff for FO I ask if economical Matters of ProtoType and MassProduction could get factored in what means that if got new Sensor it may cost a really large Buck as Tec-Frontier-Design while it have to mate (and fly) before its Design and ProductionMeanings get produced and produce it cheaplyy in Masses. Actually costs first Sample about same like serial produced (butnotexactly! it is much more than half and distant from 1/10 of Costs) Neither Meanings nor Constraints for MassProductions are factored in actually.
FYI GOV did bought Carrier Rockets from its Producer in larger Quantities to enable its Producer to calculate with safer Numbers: he can not produce a dozen Carrier on Stock and his single Customer tells him nice but we do not need those anymore - we need next another Type eg .. perhaps a technical Success but an economical worst Case. However, thus its Producer can calculate and produce different.

Back to Thread's Aim: What cool FO-like TerraTec from 21C can we list here?
My Proposals are ISS, LHC (Cern), VLTA (ESO), many large SpaceTelescopes (HST Hubble was most prominent Ancestor, Spitzer and many Friends are there - pick which representative?, most ESA and NASA) and under Construction ITER.
Pure Cyan harms PhotoReceptors doubtless - even half Portion appears mysterious.

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Re: TO real!! ...

#2 Post by shawndream » Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:55 pm

A space game is going to not want to spend too much time at pre-space tech levels... which, lacking even interplanetary human travel, let alone interstellar, 21C is.
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Re: TO real!! ...

#3 Post by Adamant » Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:06 am

shawndream wrote:A space game is going to not want to spend too much time at pre-space tech levels... which, lacking even interplanetary human travel, let alone interstellar, 21C is.
Do you know we are at Space Tec Level or do you think Gear like LHC concern to Pre-Space Tec due to it does not fly?
Per Date it is from Date after 1970 which was about Term of Apollo Project and if you like or not that WAS SPACE TEC LEVEL even interplanetary in Scope of unmanned SpaceCrafts which exist in Game FO as Tec for Robotic Gear to obtain Resources from inhabitale Environments and precisely Eart does not have a Moon with 1/4 Earth Diameter but is Compound of a Bi-Planet System - compare Size Luna with Celestrial earlier classified as Planet or Mercur.

The BIG POINT of that Thread is that we have already Gear on Planet which is impressive in Aspect of Comparision with Gear of other Species which are fresh about Space. Why? Why I know? Due to Earth glows almost at Night due to is rich Resources and does for real when a Vulcan flow out as that Heat origins from instable Isotopes a large Share we got from Mercury kicked from KuiperBelt which self was kicked from an ExoPlanet which again as heavy Planet got kicked and breeded same Time to ultra heavy Elements up to Uran which you NORMALLY CAN NOT FIND ANYWHERE but in such large Gear synthetical breeded like LHC .. and that can produce Quantities suited for physical Labors - for Analysis - but not Masses necessary to make Nuke from or drive SubMarines. Planet covered about half with Water! Double that Water an Earth is about Ocean Planet and without its Arid. Effect is Gaia Special which incredible rich Flora and Fauna. Gas Giants keep us from most of Meteorits, the minor Most our Moon which patrol our Planet and stabilize Earth Axis, MagneticField which protects us from SunWind, IonoSphere which protect us from Kind of EM Radiatio while offering Pro for Comm as we can radio around Earth and hear own Echo, OzonLayer which absorbs most of UV .. or at least did earlier. So have our Planet almost all possible Premium Features it can have and we have SUPER ICT while we suck somewhat in Machine Engineering resp Robotiv Production excepted our ICT Gear and stick to stupid ART due to different Matters and have to use incapable chemical Propulsion to launch Gear into Space. The listed Gear are Items other advanced Aliens would build much later as they wont get 10 Billions Humanoids onto a single Planet but go perhaps up to 100 Millons per Planet - that is about we have in our largest Metropols. Got the Point? LHC is SUPER TEC that stupid FO Aliens would call Kind of WorldWonder and you said it iss PreSpace Tec! Explain your logic in this Context: why you think is this Thread OT? It addresses Gear we do not have to imagine as it exist build on Planet. Is Fact Existence resp Realism a Nogo for FreeOrion? Let me see your effective Reasons ..

Why is LHC OT?
Why is ITER OT? (due to it is a Research Fusion Plant)
Why is VLT OT? (due to we can see with 1000Ly Giant Stars optical differenced? See Thread )


What do you think what is happening there? This is Kind of Story for FO: GiantStar gonna exploding almost is close up - you are in first Row of Suvivors .. those in row before will get Trouble due to all N2 in Atmosphere gets ionized and will recombine and thus heat Armosphere critical for their BioSphere - we are below crtical. Does that Realism not concerns to FreeOrion? Feel touched as my 3rd Thread going OT is above random Noise. Is it random Move related to random rant? What is the Point? I recite Seven of None: INACCEPTABLE! :) we like Fun, ey?

PS: Note I do not use firt Forum and can identify straight, slope and cross. 3 cross does not lool like Murphy Style.

PSS: There is Forum Story: Species suggestions, story ideas and contributions.
Did you ever conside that one for my OT?
Pure Cyan harms PhotoReceptors doubtless - even half Portion appears mysterious.

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