Orion under heavy ReConstruction

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Orion under heavy ReConstruction

#1 Post by Adamant » Tue Jan 07, 2014 8:26 pm

Orion, too, other Spectral Shares
Oh - what is this??
WIKI tells Numbers..

ESO's artistic Inspiration gives an Image about...

Regular OperationState on BetelGeuse, everthing is alright, really. Yes, Distance about 700Ly from local StarSystem, why? That Distance is about umm 3y/1.5s times of Distance from Terra to Luna, I don't think we should concerned about. :D For real: in Cartoon Style Picture said our Hair will a little smoke but else all fine.... ESO said Nova first in about some Millenia .. they know that well due to they are totally experienced with CloseUp-SuperNova since Decades and they wont lie us, understand? :)

Assume EnergyConsumption for Illumination will go down while many People will buy new ICT Gear if available. Advise: Don't Panic but buy SunGlasses.
Pure Cyan harms PhotoReceptors doubtless - even half Portion appears mysterious.

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