FO scoreing league

For what's not in 'Top Priority Game Design'. Post your ideas, visions, suggestions for the game, rules, modifications, etc.
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FO scoreing league

#1 Post by Kassiopeija » Fri May 06, 2016 7:56 pm

just a crazy idea^^ (based on the GC2 MV)

FO already seems to collect statistical data ingame... just refine it further to collect the amount of
- Total Player Population / Current Turn Number
- Total Player Production / Current Turn Number
- Total Player Research*2 / Current Turn Number

Add all 3 together, this gives you the base score of the current turn.

Every turn, this product is collected and added to the score of all previous turns, forming the current game score, which will again be divided by the Current Turn Number.

Because of the presence of 2 ever-growing divisors, such a way to calculate score gives a heavy incentive to always grow larger whatever increments to raw score - and if that's not possible anymore (eg. all planets colonized etc pp) the games score will actually decline after a certain amount of "empty" turns. That is, you cannot just click empty turns once the map is won in order to artificially jack up your score...

the only 2 ways to "do better" are
- generation of a bigger map
- doing things faster (more front-end weighted area under the curve) which, in one way, is a direct measurement of efficiency.

The final gamescore could even see a few fix multipliers which will further enhance score dependant on the difficulties that were/are to overcome:
- Difficulty setting
- Winning condition
- Number of enemies present at game start
- Monster setting
- Time that was needing to defeat the experimentors
- Penalties because of ship or planet loss
etc pp

And then we need a server where we can make a player profile and upload the gamestats to it^^ and that will collect the score of any submitted game and make a deprecitated player score that can be used to earn ranks & medals^^

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