Fleet color

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Fleet color

#1 Post by BTA » Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:34 am

I tried using dark blue, second from the top, next to the bright green. I can not distinguish a fleet from a starlane with this color. But, I do not have this problem with other colors I have tried. Everybody sees differently, people with go down fighting over whether that, over there, is blue or green.

I suggest being able to select fleet colors for yourself and for the other players. So, I could choose to see my starlanes as color A and fleets as color B, while you see my starlanes as color C and my fleets as color D.
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Re: Fleet color

#2 Post by EricF » Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:56 am

I don't know about Starlane colors, but you can specify what colors
your opponents are. You have to edit the empire_colors.xml file.
On Win10 it's in Program Files (x86)/FreeOrion/default/empire_colors.xml

I have a very hard time seeing that dark blue color myself so I removed it.
My empire_colors.xml looks like this;
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<GG::Clr hex="00FF00"/> <!-- Pure Green -->
<GG::Clr hex="FF8C00"/> <!-- Orange -->
<GG::Clr hex="FF00FF"/> <!-- Pure Magenta -->
<GG::Clr hex="FFFF00"/> <!-- Pure Yellow -->
<GG::Clr hex="00FFFF"/> <!-- Pure Cyan -->
<GG::Clr hex="5E7800"/> <!-- Olive -->
<GG::Clr hex="1193FF"/> <!-- Sky Blue -->
<GG::Clr hex="7200B3"/> <!-- Purple -->
<GG::Clr hex="801010"/> <!-- Dark Red -->
<GG::Clr hex="990075"/> <!-- Dark Magenta -->
<GG::Clr hex="9DFF00"/> <!-- Yellow/Green -->
<GG::Clr hex="B070FF"/> <!-- Light Purple/Magenta -->
<GG::Clr hex="6C5E00"/> <!-- Khaki -->
<GG::Clr hex="964700"/> <!-- Orange/Brown -->
<GG::Clr hex="2020FF"/> <!-- Dark Blue -->
<GG::Clr hex="105548"/>
<GG::Clr hex="FF96AC"/>
<GG::Clr hex="8793FF"/>
<GG::Clr hex="640064"/>
<GG::Clr hex="19857D"/>
<GG::Clr hex="633FD3"/>
(well, I didn't remove it I just moved it down so I won't normaly see it.)

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