Species Bonus for hiding Outposts?

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Re: Species Bonus for hiding Outposts?

#46 Post by Ophiuchus » Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:47 am

dbenage-cx wrote:Have you play tested into the late game stage? In unrelated trials, I've seen performance degrade from over-complex additions to cost, may be something to keep an eye out for.
Didnt do the play testing, but the changes are constant with game-stage. Not sure what you mean with "over-complex additions to cost" - the changes are minimal.

This PR does not use slowly changing stealth or the capital as the source of the bonus. What it does is lowering laenfa stealth and making it cheap for an laenfa-containing empire to research planetary stealth tech. The result is that a laenfa empire can hide its outposts and captured planets more easily.
This is for play-testing if the stealthed outposts are overpowered/if hidden expansion is a viable strategy with it.
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