Planet climates

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Geoff the Medio wrote:
eleazar wrote:My conception is essentially what's in the design document, with the added detail of the non-instantanious optimization.
Not quite... the DD has gaians as better than the preferred planet type for all races. Your gaians were, I believe, equally as good as the preferred planet type of any race.
No, that's not what i meant. A Gaian planet is always better for any race than a non-Gaian planet of the same type. I could see how you might get that idea from my first post, but didn't this get the idea across that my Gaian's are better than any planet of the same type?
myself wrote:If humans found a Gaian planet i would image it would become much like Earth, but without the hurricanes, volcanos, droughts, and huge nearly unihabitable sections around the poles. In other words, much better than any planet naturally could be.

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#77 Post by Daveybaby »

eleazar wrote:I think there's gameplay value in having at a few planets that are highly desirable for everyone.
Agreed. Fighting over juicy bits of territory is always a good thing. This could also be done in other ways, with ultra rich mineral planets, alien artifacts etc etc.
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eleazar wrote:...didn't this get the idea across that my Gaian's are better than any planet of the same type? [...]
It would have had I read and retained it, but I seem to have latched onto the strategy vs. drama point above and missed it... Sorry.

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