Themed tech categories (Help wanted)

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Re: Themed tech cateogries (Help wanted)

#106 Post by JonCST » Sun Aug 18, 2019 4:31 pm

Oberlus wrote:
Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:20 am
The space-time manipulation thingy [is] about causing a space-time thingy around the ship with the engine inside the ship.
Which is why i was wondering about interactions with weapons. What happens when you hit a space-timey-wimey thing with a relativistic chunk of matter? With a laser? A plasma bolt? A "death" ray? Does the space-timey-wimey bubble decrease the weapon's effect, or does the weapon make the bubble (and the ship inside) go "poof"?
Oberlus wrote:
Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:20 am
[...] it makes little sense to make these hulls stealthy at the same time they are "loud" when using their engines [.]
The way i've been using SFB is to "stutter" across hostile areas: travel towards a destination, and stop and hide when within one spacelane of a hostile fleet. When the hostile fleet moves, the SFB moves on. Hostile planets don't seem to care about SFB, so they can be used to infiltrate/colonize "behind enemy lines" where normal, non-organic-with-stealth-parts ships would be hunted down by the hostile fleets. Live players may defend against this better than the AI currently does. And, it is a nuisance to have to stop and wait, but against AIs, it's usually effective in the long run.

SFBs take about 8 turns to research if you do nothing else. Symbiotic hulls with Electromagnetic Dampening take about 25 turns. If i'm going organic hulls and especially if i'm going to research Active Radar anyway, i usually skip SFB for stealth colonizing.

But, in my experience with organic hull lines, they just can't hold up to SGH or larger robotic or asteroid hulls. I often start with organic, then switch to SGH when it's time to start conquering other empires in earnest. In my experience, the flagship organics need to be either faster to produce, cheaper, or both. Maybe i just haven't learned how to use them properly, but:

Sentient hulls take 225 turns to research, if one researches nothing else. They take 3 shipyard upgrades. They take 8 turns to build. They start with 12 structure. They take 45 turns to reach 57 structure.

SGH take 70 turns to research. They require only 2 shipyard upgrades. They take 2 turns to build. They are 100 structure immediately.

In the time required to build a sentient hull, one can crank out 4 SGH. While it's true that quality can overcome quantity, quantity has a quality of its own.

If switching hull lines was hard, and i was a supply-restricted or sneaky species, i'd probably start with SFB, then do full robotic, and never look at organic.

Any non-sneaky or non-supply-restricted species, i can't see why i'd consider organic at all.

Again, maybe i'm just bad at using the organic line to it's best effect.


PS: to determine number of turns, i just started a new game, the clicked "add to top of queue" for the particular hull, or hull + ED.

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Re: Themed tech cateogries (Help wanted)

#107 Post by Oberlus » Sun Aug 18, 2019 5:46 pm

Well, what I wanted to point out about the flux engines is that they are not hulls, IMO. I mean, if flux hulls are using Alcubier engines, other hulls could do the same. The hulls themselves don't have anything distinctive such as the material they are made of: living tisues, asteroids, compressed energy, "living" metal (nanotech), extremely strong alloys (huge hulls).

Right now what I find more apealing is making flux hulls relatively OP and put them on the Void theme.
Giving them low or high structure, or built-in shields, or high stealth... All can be done.

I'm not answering to the (valid) arguments about current organic, robotic, etc. hulls because the plan is to rework them all. So there will indeed be organic hulls for early stealth expansion and combat, balanced as we see fit, the same we will have new weapons.

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Re: Themed tech cateogries (Help wanted)

#108 Post by Ophiuchus » Mon Aug 19, 2019 10:38 am

Oberlus wrote:
Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:20 am
The space-time manipulation thingy of these engines (Alcubier?) is not about having the engine outside the ship (floating around?) but about causing a space-time thingy around the ship with the engine inside the ship.
You are clearly talking about alcubierre drives, not freeorion fluff flux hulls :mrgreen:
Our flux engines are so massive compared to their payload that hull design completely depends on the engine. So here rather the ship is part of the engine not the other way round.

The way i spun it to take advantage of the effect which allows the FTL there are only two mathematical solutions in order to build such a drive. One is sphere shaped and has a stable inner region and another one which can only take a small payload with it. The flux core tech builds on the bubble by bending the sphere in multi-dimensional space in order to get the threedimensional shape you need for other hulls.
Oberlus wrote:
Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:20 am
Also, it makes little sense to make these hulls stealthy at the same time they are "loud" when using their engines (due to the space-time manipulation). Current fluff is a bit incoherent for me.
Yes, currently there is no real explanation in the fluff. How I take it: the fields/the propulsion is generated locally and decentralized in all its hull parts (so no big single field but countless small ones). This flux hulls have kind of two operating modes: Floating forward on space contractions (sub-FTL) is very stealthy (no active emissions), but in order to go FTL you need to actively compress and decompress space in a way which leads to noticable disturbances.

I imagine the hulls to move similar to snails or caterpillars through space.

Also we could extend my concept with yours: having a flux engine core part (which is small compared to a space ship) as the high tier tech option from this hull line after flux bubble hull, flux piggyback hull and flux core hull are mastered. So you can combine the good flux effects with hulls from another theme.

I am not completely sure but I guess for the Void side theme i could script up a starlane jump drive: you always need exactly one turn to arrive at a one-hop neighboring system.
Implementation: very high speed, maximum 1 fuel, does not follow normal refueling, maybe it needs some turns to charge between jumps; refinement techs could lower recharge time). If we drop recharging the normal route planning should work out of the box IMHO.
The fluff: the drive is manipulating the quantum probabilities where the ship is located in the universe.
AI support for that would also be usable to improve flux effect planning for the AI i guess.

Also if we have a (mostly) pacifistic theme there could be a engine part which could be "misused" as a weapon.
Any code or patches in anything posted here is released under the CC and GPL licences in use for the FO project.

Furthermore, I propse... we should default to four combat rounds instead of three ...for the good of playerkind.

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