THE BUGS! Multiplayer scenario

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THE BUGS! Multiplayer scenario

#1 Post by shinryuu »

Just a thought I had when playing Moo2 all those years ago; A multiplayer (or potentially singleplayer) scenario in which one player controls (or maybe computer controlled) an insectoid plague race (I'm thinking Alien crossed with Starship Troopers) and the other players have to band together in order to halt the spread of these apocalypse creatures.
That being the premise, maybe they could have no spacecraft, just extremely tough 'eggs' (maybe bug meteors?) that they launch at colonies. If they get through your defence cordone the colony is quickly wiped out, or, in the case of larger cities, sustains massive casualties bringing the bug infection under control. Once established, the alien colonies get surface to orbital weapons of some kind, making surface bombardment a costly and difficult exersize.
The only way to clear a bug infection is to scour the planet surface from orbit. That's the basics, any thoughts?

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#2 Post by Okami »

This sounds increadibly hard, challenging and out right tough. Just like anything that I like to play. I really like the idea, maybe FreeOrion ought to include this senerio like situations more, instead of the usual start with one system and spread out forever. This way there is more varity that most stratigy games are just crying out for (I still love those kind of games I just get bored with trite things) I am all for THE BUGS! Nice idea. Does anyone else have any other senerios that they would like to add? I say we should get a colection of ideas together to try out and all that jazz.

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#3 Post by Kostik666 »

Bugs dont make sense...

This is a strategy game... from what i collect a VERY turn based one. Bugs would just defeat the purpose of a turn based strategy game and make it more action/rpg like, where one race would be the agressor and another defends. Good idea for a multiplayer scenario and everything, but its not even the same game anymore.

Sounds like a great idea for Starship Troopers: the video game though.

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