Fleet upkeep

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Fleet upkeep

#1 Post by ThinkSome »

I propose to reduce fleet upkeep by some factor times the infrastructure of all planets. We should get e.g. "one free ship for every planet" and maybe either the factor could increase with research or infrastructure would. This could make the infrastructure research items more attractive in early game (the ones past Orbital construction). Or perhaps new research items could be added to the infrastructure tree.

Another thing that would be nice is to have some small ship repair even without a drydock, accessible early on before field repair is researched.

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Re: Fleet upkeep

#2 Post by o01eg »

I suppose first is fleet upkeep shouldn't work with cost indirectly and player need watch amount of upkeep. Maybe we should use influence here too.
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Re: Fleet upkeep

#3 Post by Oberlus »

In this thread, and scattered among some others, there is some discussion about fleets having constant build cost (removing current growing build cost, wrongly-called PP upkeep) and using instead per-turn influence upkeep.

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