Setting up an outpost by sacrificing a military vessel

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Setting up an outpost by sacrificing a military vessel

#1 Post by DutchQI »

Should you not be able to set up an outpost on an earth-like (or oceanic) planet with just a military vessel(s)?

One could imagine the military crew using the technology and material of their vessel in combination with abundant nutrients to set up a primitive military settlement. Of course this outpost would have low population growth and very limited weaponry (the modified cannons from the vessel), but it would put a clear claim on a system for your empire. A rival empire would face serious diplomatic repercussions if it were to violate your settled system.

The larger the ship sacrificed, the bigger and more powerful the resulting outpost. In Star Wars terms: Luke Skywalker settling Dagobah would only result in a very small listening post, whereas a Star Destroyer could be converted into an impressive military outpost.

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#2 Post by guiguibaah »

That could make things simpler for game purposes. By doing this you eliminate the need for specific "outpost ships" to be built.

I would suggest, however, that a minimum size be established, so that people don't crank out scouts and set out "diplomatic outposts" on every planet like a swarm of bees. If a colony ship is worth, say, 500 resources, then the smallest ship that can convert to an outpost would be 250 resources.

This could also depend on the habitability of the planet in question. A terran planet (humans) would need a simple 250 resource ship (the crew can live off the land and have access to renewable food and water).

So something like..

250 for terran...
300 for ocean...
350 for barren / irradiated, etc...
400 for opposite wheel planets / gas giants.
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#3 Post by Combatjuan »

I like this idea especially because in MOO 2 I never made outposts much. In fact, the only time I _ever_ made them was when I had to have something that would give me enough range for my colony ships to get to another decent planet. But I think that outposts should play an integral part in space exploration and colonization. Until the galaxy is well colonized, they should be quite plentiful and useful.

I think that under this model players would use them more often and make more interesting gameplay choices (like sacrificing a capital ship to make an outpost). I'm concerned with the mechanics and exploitability of it, though.

What if the an outpost were an orbitting space station instead of some base on the planet? This would make converting any given ship into an outpost much easier. It could retain the same weapons and defensive systems and whatnot, and while losing its ability to move, it would give your empire various outposty bonuses.

I guess I'm talking in pretty vague terms and I don't have much a feel for the way the game plays and how this would affect things, but if some idea of outposts is put into the game, I'd be interested in at least considering this as a starting point.


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#4 Post by utilae »

A good idea. Maybe it can be ineffective cost wise to do this, so that it is cheaper to build an outpost ship.

Or maybe a ship can become an outpost if it has the proper amount of supplies and crew training. A ship with 2 packets of biscuits ain't gonna last two weeks, unless it manages to fight off the planets predators and catch some fish.

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