Obscure Technology Ideas

For what's not in 'Top Priority Game Design'. Post your ideas, visions, suggestions for the game, rules, modifications, etc.

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Re: Obscure Technology Ideas

#76 Post by Pasi »

Free Windows Vista CD Bomb
When dropped to a planet, it makes everyone want to install a new operating system just because it has new cool interface.
But after a few hours of usage, the whole planets productivity drops to near zero and population is slowly decreased by series of frustration suicides.

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Re: Obscure Technology Ideas

#77 Post by Tortanick »

I'm aloud to necro this thread aren't I? It seemed more useful than creating a new thread for a technology idea.


N-Dimensional Spaceships
A hull size that has a disproportionate amount of interior slots compared to the exterior, it may have a finite but large interior space or it could have an infinite interior space (if the UI permits it) but the more you cram in the greater the cost of maintaining the N-dimensions, possibly exponential growth. It may also be weaker than normal ships due to some factor of N-dimensional technology.

Possible uses may include troop carriers or fighter carriers, assuming you can have stores of fighters internally separate to the external launchers

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Re: Obscure Technology Ideas

#78 Post by Sai »

Genetic Decoupler
Annihilates (decouples) all genetic information on a planet, killing every living thing on it.

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Re: Obscure Technology Ideas

#79 Post by Tortanick »

Crazy Eddy Drive A top level jump drive (useless for in system) that can travel a single starlane of any size in one turn. Its main drawback is its huge cost, and that scrambles electronics and disorients the crew for a little while after arriving leaving ships vulnerable to attack.

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Re: Obscure Technology Ideas

#80 Post by marhawkman »

Subspace thrusters

allows you to temporarily enter hyperspace while in ship-to-ship combat.
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Re: Obscure Technology Ideas

#81 Post by Uber-Noob »

Defensive Techs:

Reflective shields:
When they are hit with an energy based weapon, a random amount of damage (from say 0-50 points) will be reflected back at the attacker, or a ship nearby.

Meta-material armor:
It adds a layer of energy bending material over the top of the armor, reduces armor rating by, say 30%. If your armor is hit by an energy based weapon, it bends the energy around the ship, drastically reducing the damage done to the ship. (Vulnerable to projectiles/missiles though.) If it is not too hard to program, you could have the beam pass right through the ship and maybe strike ships behind it.

Sub-space resonnance field:
Damage done to the ship is channeled into a ressonance filed that surronds the ship, reducing damage done (to the ship, not shields) by say 20% and causing the same amonunt of damage to all ships nearby (range determined by the amount of damage, getting hit harder makes a bigger, stronger field). Great for ramming ships, but if they hit you too soon, you'll hurt your own ships.

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