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I suspected as much.....

Maybe go with a few check boxes instead? (for the special effects)
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utilae wrote:It would be ultimate if you could choose exactly where you want the ship parts, essentially building the appearance of the ship as you add each component. So yes, you would add turets, cabins, compartments, wings, choose to coat in layer of armour. Choose paint job. Have radar antenae sticking out the front.
So essentially you want GalCiv II ship design?

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I havn't played GalCiv 3, but that kind of detail would be cool.

I was thinking more that you design your ship in 2D (topdown view). This 2D placement of components would work if combat was isometric, then you can place isometric components and the final result is an isometric ship. That would be simpler than 3D arrangement of components.

Placing crew compartment in this slot. Fuselage in the slow below. Wings on either side. Then choose some kind of wrapper skin to coat over it all, to give different alien appearances, eg humans would have a metal type texture, while goo aliens would have a green goo texture.

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