Design your ship appearance

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Design your ship appearance

#1 Post by utilae »

Having recently seen some video footage of the new game Spore, I am inspired how in that game you can design your own creature very easily by shaping the torso and adding various parts such as legs, eyes, noses and claws.

If we could design ships in this way, then players can have there own style recognised by the appearance of the ships they create.

[If you haven't heard of spore, Google it. It's a new game by the creator of the Sims. You start as a one celled organism, then eventually play a 4X space game.]

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#2 Post by Odi »

lol, interesting game... looks really impressive, the only thing that bothers me is that it's an EA game (I really feel sorry for the staff :P) - but let's see what finally comes up (just look at MoO3 via the ingame-editor: all the screens and stuff that got cut last-minute... it's still in there... somewhere... *runs amok*) :)

The (ship/)creature editor would definetely be a nice thing to have, but I doubt we'll ever see this in FO, maybe in 1.5 :wink:

oh, and yes, I'm still alive and around, but study (and the life as a student, hehe 8)) has been alarming busy [and ultima orion for moo3 is, thanks to bhruic and gerra, quite time consuming again]
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#3 Post by Geoff the Medio »

For designing ships, take a look at Galactic Civilizations 2, which has a cutsom ship modelling function that lets people do a bunch of crazy / interesting stuff. I can't find a good gallery to link, but check some forums perhaps.

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#4 Post by utilae »

Hmmm that game allows quite complex ship creation.

I found a link that is loaded with custom ships (graphics heavy): ... AID=104951

And here's a link to SPORE. Watch Robin Williams make a creature in the game, he's funny. ... 19&q=Spore

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#5 Post by marhawkman »

Isn't Robin Williams always funny?

Anyways....It's a nice idea but I dunno if we could use it. More detailed ships= less ships
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#6 Post by Daveybaby »

marhawkman wrote:Isn't Robin Williams always funny?
No, he's not. Have you <i>seen</i> any of his recent films?
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