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Robot armies/clone armies

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 7:46 am
by Strategyman
Robot armies:
well if robot armies have been mentioned before srry i have repeated it it's just that brainstorming has too many topics and its would take hours to make sure that robot armies haven't been mentioned before. :)

Robot armies are programed combat artificial soldiers where it takes a very advanced society to make one. If your an organic,primitive,or borg like race you cannot make robots you can only salvage and then the organic race wouldn't be able to power and mend them so only the
primitive or borg like society can mend and keep combat robots for a certain amount of time. Robots can be mass produced but if you don't have many industrialized planets and do not have a sufficient flow of computer chips then the cost to mass produce a combat droid would cost alot of money. But of course combat droids do have their ups and downs but if you use mainly droids you will have a very good morale bonus this is also the same thing with clones except clones cost alot more money but if trained well and had a good clone host the clones would be 5 times better and clones have a better train of thought.The only way to salvage a robot army is bye destroying their command post or bye disabling and reprograming them to switch enemy targets but if you have researched robot technology enough there would be no use for command centers that feed information to the droids. Also there could be limited combat responses if the technology isn't advanced enough. Also since combat droids don't have feelings they cannot be interrogated or hurt/injured. Also robots have limited mobility and move slowly.

boost of morale
can be cheap to make
cannot sustain injuries or shock
can be easy to mass produce
cannot be interrogated for information.
always follows orders
can be adaptive

could be salvaged and used against the owners/nation
can have limited combat responses
can be uneasily produced
can be expensive
cannot do hand to hand combat
move slower
more oils and fluids needed to sustain droid army

Clone armies:
Before i start this same with clones :)

Before you even make clones you need clone vats and a genetic code from a host and a training center for the clones which costs lots of money.
Clone armies are merely genetic replicas of a host and traits can be mailable. Only advanced races can have them and clone are created with the right traits they are unable to be turned to the other side. Same with interrogating and following orders. Clones can be enhanced to be able to process 350 different thoughts at the same time making them more flexible and have very good reactions and can think more effectively and come up with an idea faster. But out of this good injuries come and clones are like their host and can sustain injuries if a clone gets shot in both legs for an example the clone can't move at all due to pain and destroyed leg muscle. Clones aren't very cheap and only a very very excellent economy can sustain a huge clone army and there for are limited to some civilizations. A clone soldier could move faster there for have better mobility. Also if you have advanced enough in clone technologies you can add a trait to make a clones natural stanima extraordinary and there for increasing mobility. If you have a huge clone army this also means that you need a huge amount of food to feed the public and military also further limiting to a few civilizations that could have a huge clone army clone armies also boost morale and increase production and development.

Boost morale
superior thinking
fast reactions and quick thinking
can do hand to hand combat
can adapt
can move faster
can have great mobility
can be impossible to interrogate
can follow orders always
cannot betray

can be interrogated
cannot follow all orders
can sustain paralyzing injuries
very expensive to make
Extra food needed to sustain a clone army
can betray

Hope you like this please give me some feed back. :wink:

Re: Robot armies/clone armies

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 12:14 pm
by Pasi
What about "aliens" ... like in the movie... create a strong race designed for a quick and complete annihilation of a planets population, without too much structural damage... maybe without the self-breeding possibility(?)

Breeding them would probably need high skills in DNA manipulation and genetics in general... and creating them in the first place would require some "base" organism ... eg. your own people (this would affect morale) or possibly captured enemies. Technical advances would make them more aggressive and effective. They could be used only one time per planet and deploying them to a planet (if succesfull) they will kill everyone there and do not cause any (or only minor) damage to structures ... the alien would live on the planet for X time and during this time you can't populate the planet (the aliens would just attack your troops), and bombing the planet to kill them off has little effect because they hang deep underground most of the time.

Cheap to breed
Takes no order, just kills
Very durable, fast and effective
Can not be interrogated
Can not be converted

Takes no orders
Can not be reused (capturing them from a planet is harder than breeding more)
Makes a planet inhabitable for all for X time. (the breeded aliens need to die in the planet before it can be taken over)
Breeding might need very questionable methods
Breeding has a 2% chance of failing which leads to destruction of the planet they were breeded
Shipping them to target world has a 5% chance of destroying the ship thats shipping them.

Re: Robot armies/clone armies

Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2007 3:38 pm
by Strategyman
Thats a very creative way of making armies i have not thought of nice job as for me i think i have another idea brain control which could make a high diplomatic leader into a controlled guy and you could infuluence alot that happens in the war bye having them controlled think that would be good? this is just a quick sketch of it but tell me if this could work:)

Re: Robot armies/clone armies

Posted: Sat Sep 22, 2007 8:37 pm
by utilae
Or with the alien mutation thing, you could select a planet that has a certain goodness of animal life and create a genetic experiments colony. The entire planet will be filled with alien super soldiers!

Re: Robot armies/clone armies

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 1:40 am
by Strategyman
Hehe now we can use our slave planets as test specimens hehe very good way to get rid of some extra fat :D