Ship Experience / Crew Experience

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Re: Ship Experience / Crew Experience

#91 Post by Yeeha »

Tsenzouken wrote:If it's too simply we end up with SpaceRisk... Which iirc has already been done.
Well its just xp system... If theres need to make such thing complex so that game wouldnt seem boring then there would be something REALLY wrong with the game. Main focus should be your expansion, diplomacy, real warfare (not xp) and real espionage (spyes themselves should be easyly managed).

I think MikkoM proposal was really good. Simple and benefits aggressive players. Combining xp pool, peaceful xp gaining and decay as suggested before benefits peaceful players as peaceful players overexpand while others kill eachother then they farm xp on their planets and since they have more planets and higher tech their farming is more effective. And then they wait and wait until their economy, research and xp pool are higher and when warmongers have weakened themselves then they strike. Basicly such combination would have opposite effect xp system should have it makes players fear conflicts and camp until economically you are so far ahead that they simply cant stand your swarm. And well if player cant get that far ahead it encourages player camp indefinetly until empires near him go to war and he can get that advantage.

And as for problem that player who wants to control his entire fleet with individual xp he must choose his favorites since with phased time combat he doesnt have the time. Much more serious than that is xp decay since players who tend to rush are more prone to rushing before their ships
"cooldown". Rushers are way more common than players who want to play optimally every detail. In every strategy game except civ perhaps they are considerable portion of multiplayer community.

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Re: Ship Experience / Crew Experience

#92 Post by nyquist »

I've read some of the posts in this thread but no all.

I've started to think that Xp must be only on ship, but now i chang my mind.

Xp representes the ability of crew and officers to do war. I think that we can just say that if officers are stupid and gives stupids orders, the best crew in this side of the galaxy will finish floating in the space without a spacesuit...

So let's talk about XP of officers, a officers gains xp in learning (initial formation and some update in the fields or between campaign), when they are on duty (patrol, exercice, pirate hunting, and so on...) and of course when they do war ( nothing is better that true fields pratice... enemy ever come with something you never see or never think of).

And when a officer is old enough (or do quite good in war action) he is promoted to a new rank... and to a new ship (better or bigger)!

so ship XP is less realistic than empire XP. In fact empire Xp is simpler to do in-game too (one meter to keep score of).

I think of 3 way of increasing the XP meter :
-Military academy : fixed bonus/population (by planet)
-ship in active duty X time X "a very little ratio"
-real war : survival ship X all ship destroyed (friends and foe)X "a ratio".*

I adjust Xp earned with the ship destroyed to represent the harsh of combat : Defending the home system from an invasing fleet isn't the same of killing some scouts in far far away system.

In time of peace only empire with an real fleet can store Xp, and so if they build new ship they will get less xp and they will be less effective.

I dont know how to loose xp but i think that the same way can be used :
-real war : destroyed ships X ratio
-turns without any battle
-or something i don't think of. (like a fixed ratio to represent the time)

just some ideas (may be just some scraps ;) )

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Re: Ship Experience / Crew Experience

#93 Post by General_Zaber »

How about a Total War-esque system whereby each fleet has experience, representing it's admiral. It could be tracked on a Meter with all the effects mentioned (peacetime growth, decay etc.) and his experience would have a mild effect on the overall performance of the crews in the fleet (Crews aren't kept track of, I just mentioned them because their skill would have no effect on the speed of a ship or the power of its guns)

To make the admiral interchangeable he would automatically be assigned one of the ships in the fleet as his flagship. A new fleet wouldn't have an admiral until he gained some experience (Say 10 or more) upon which he would be assigned his flagship. The Admiral would be capable of changing his flagship for another ship in the fleet, or you would be able to move his flagship to another fleet, naking him the Admiral of that one (If a fleet had two ore more admirals the fleet's experience would be that of the most experienced, with the others contributing 10% of their experience to the total. While working in unison, none of the admirals would gain or lose any experience as they would be relying on each other too much)
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Re: Ship Experience / Crew Experience

#94 Post by marhawkman »

Hmm, the admiral approach makes sense if you're gonna have ships automatically as part of fleets. Like in that PS2 Star Trek Game. Every ship is automatically part of a fleet when you build it.
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