Ancients - more than dust and ruins?

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starting off.... pre warp level was 1 planet!!!

next order of business babylon 5 - you ppl ever watch the mini-movies? really good, im not a big sci-fi fan, but i like space and guns. p.s. stargate SG1 was also good

now to the pressing matter of the ancients.
MOO2 had a good idea with the antarans, they atack few in numbers and get stronger as time goes on, and also them not being present in the galaxy helps. they did get weak as soon as you had a ground battery and a plasma cannon, so maybe if we use a same plot we can make them come very strong at the end

second idea, if we do have 2 or more ancients in the same sector, we can have them fight each other primarily, and as soon as you piss them off or ally with their enemy they have permission to fight you too, still primarily fighting each other

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