Devils pact

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Devils pact

#1 Post by DvdW » Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:30 pm

The Idea is that it will appear the two empires are at war, but secretly they have agreed to join together and attack another player. The idea comes from the boardgame 'diplomacy', which is one of the most fun games and is built around secret alliances and backstabbing.

So a third player will think he and his ally will attack an enemy together, or expect his ally to help defend his borders, but ends up getting crushed by his supposed ally. Ofcourse human players can already do this, but a formal option would allow AI players to do the same thing. Also there could be a tripplecross, where the betraying empire will itself be betrayed.

Also there could be a bribe of some kind involved, like in normal negotiations.

Ofcourse this should not be too easy and have a negative effect on all your diplomacy, including your doublecross partner, as it would with human players. This dishonorable behaviour would also give other races a casus belli to attack you, so while the short term reward is great, later you could face problems.

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