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#1 Post by RickSusaf »

I just had to delete 5.47 GB of auto-saves off my system. Is there any way you could add a feature to limit the number of auto-saves to, say, the last 10 turns? Maybe code it to automatically delete older auto-saves as the game progresses. This would be a big help for people that don't have terabyte drives.

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Re: Auto-saves

#2 Post by Geoff the Medio »

I don't want to auto-delete saves, but you can disable autosaves or drastically reduce the number by setting the autosave frequency in the options menu.

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Re: Auto-saves

#3 Post by Zireael »

Maybe put a shortcut to the save folder in the game folder automatically, for example on Win7 it's really hard to find the folder manually....

Or limit the maximum number of autosaves / the maximum space allowed...? I've had to delete a 1.00 GB worth of the autosaves...

EDIT: Maybe it should be moved to Brainstorming?

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