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For what's not in 'Top Priority Game Design'. Post your ideas, visions, suggestions for the game, rules, modifications, etc.

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Links to common topics

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Ok this is my attempted to provide an index of the Brainstorming thread by subject.

Fine print
Just for clarification Because you posted something in Brianstorming does not mean it will end up in the game. If at some point down the road they do not include your idea into the final design of FreeOrion don't look at me. I simply am linking too threads that seem to have something in common. My hope is that this will help folks who want to find the threads on a specific topic.

I started here with The Tech Tree because when I started it was still being discussed in public review that is now closed, but for future reference here are the threads that make up most of the discussion. I may have missed some feel free to point out any you think are relevant.

In Brainstorming I found these
How to contribute techs:
Government and Technology:
Tech trees:

Well this is my attempt to consolidate Money. Mixed in here is some economy.

Here in Brainstorming
Trading system:
Portable Production:

Ok I put resources and stockpiling together since they are very intertwined

I am just throwing togather the threads I found on the subjects starting in Brainstorming
Mineral Bank/Planet Grants:
Strategic Resources:
Remote resourcing:
Portable Production:
Useful-Late game food:

Here are threads relating to Starlanes and ship movement

First the threads in Brainstorming
Starlanes, why?:
NEW - Intercept Course and Ship Refit:
Space movement/bonuses/ and possibly deep-space stations:
Starlanes and Tatical combat:

Well I found some threads that seem to deal with micro and macro management

In the Brainstorming thread
Macromanaging micromanagement:
Micro Manage vs Macro Manage. Which is best?:
True macrogaming, applied to ship reserves:
Macromanagement For Focuses:
Micromanagement vs. macromanagement:

I included this because it was dealing with handling management
Dev Plans: Yay or Nay?:
This one also deals with management issues
Ship Building as a System Level Function:

I will expand this as time permits! :P
If it was easy then we all would be doing it!

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