Scrolling in shows more detail

For what's not in 'Top Priority Game Design'. Post your ideas, visions, suggestions for the game, rules, modifications, etc.
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Scrolling in shows more detail

#1 Post by yandonman » Thu Sep 06, 2012 4:56 am

At 50uu: Replace fleet icons with an icon/graphic of the ships in the fleet. (obviously not one to one, but for example if I have 1 Sun ship and 20 large hull ships, show a graphic of a Sun ship with 3 large hull graphics as badges on the graphic)

At 20uu: Replace fleet icons with renderings of the ships in the fleet. (obviously not one to one... see above) (I want to see my fleet in all it's glory)

At 20uu: Start showing planets orbiting the stars.

Add a 5uu: Show a closer up of the planets orbiting their starts. Allow interaction, such as double-clicking on the planet bringing up the production menu, on the planets.
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