First chat lines obscured by galaxy mesurment bar+suggestion

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First chat lines obscured by galaxy mesurment bar+suggestion

#1 Post by Vandala » Tue Oct 16, 2012 6:55 pm

By accident I happen to notice that the first chat lines are obscured by the UU mesurement bar in the top-left of the screen. By moving where the chat text begings down a few lines this can be prevented.

As an extra note, I also noticed that it's not possible to use the chat while you're waiting between turns. It might be a good idea (if possible) to allow this anyway, giving players something to do while not being able to do anything else while they wait for other people. It may not be all that useful for single player or just two people playing but in larger games of 3+ people being able to chat while you wait for other players might be a nice idea.

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