GUI: General List Features

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GUI: General List Features

#1 Post by Adamant » Mon Jan 06, 2014 5:23 pm

General customizable Order of List Items inside List/Queue

There exist eg Queues for Reasearch and Production. It's Items can get reordered to other Priorities.
Same I miss for sorting ShipDesigns and Hulls. Implementing IMPL that generally for Lists in the Game would cover it for both and perhaps more as well. So I don't ask for both Queues but gerenerally for arbitrary Lists. Cover such generic Issues by Expression List Management Features while Production and Research Queue are specific Examples for.

I do use rather larger filled Queues and have to invest a Lot of Time to manage that Lists. Some Items require a Lot of Investments/Time like Lots of Ships while other are lean like Scan/Detection Facilties. So I put so much small Items at Top to get Ships right in Time resp I put
the Ships as Block under the FacilityBlock in Queue. When Items from FacilityBlock gets completed resp I add new FacilityItems BELOW the ShipBlock I have often to shift specific Items from added Items above SBlock manually and that takes me a Lot of Time. Therefore I considered several old and new Approaches to make that Management Issue easier.

Actually List allow Permutation of single Items inside visible Section of Queue which means already to be Kind of MultiPermutation. Permutation means that two neighboured Items change their Position and due to Nature of that Kind Modification Lists keep their Items while their Order changes. That Issue gets addressed by Math with Term Permutation. Any (other) Idea to change Order without adding or removing an Item concerns to Permutation as well.

Solving Meanings
Buttons to "kick" Items down to Top or Bottom would enable a quicker Way to shift Items up into eg active FBlock what means that these get founded resp move active F-Items below Found-absorbing SBlock which means if enough Ships are in the Queue FBlock below gets inactive resp does not get Founds. In Context of additional Meanings to simplify that Kind of Handling additional delimiting Lines/Rules could get added which behave as Kick-Move-Stopper to catch kicked Items
at specific Positions. Kick of Item adjecting Line let it pass Delimiter.

Temporary and continous Grouping
Powerful as well is Grouping of Items temporary by Selection or continously by Definition of selcetd SubSet to move a whole Group same like a single Items.

Both Grouping and Kick would allow a much betterPermutation-Rate per Klick/Action to introduce objective Numbers to evaluate and compare Meanings.

Approach invites to invent additional Kick-Buttons with special Behavior like Red Kick let Item pass colored Line but RedLine if it's Monday but not FullMoon etc. IF 1000 nice Features like that got implemented I would anytime not anymore feel supported in Handling Issues while that Red Kick and Red Line alone sounds still reasonable but I would be happy already for plain Kick resp Aim to enable powerful Permutations with a small Set of Features. The latter I don't see violated by plain
Kicks up/down.

List-CursorBar for Insert/Remove/etc
When thinking of a single Item which behave similar like a Cursor like we are used to use for TextEditing then we could specify Position in Queue where to add Items resp like known from BackSpace/DEL safe to shift Items to proper Position if we instead place them at right Position directly. Would consider to take for that a List-Cursor-Item to reuse same Code-Infrastructure used for the other Items as well, my technical Idea for Implementation. Actually there exist Kind of virtual Cursor in Form of Item-HighLighting. For Non-Insert-Mode CursorBar-Item could hide while highlite according Item to present that Way its Position. As we know from sophiticated TextEditors with large Amount of Editing-Features we can imagine that it's possible to exeggerate here with Features but Idea of Cursor is really essential for a TextEditor and that is what I propose here.

Features of KickButtons relates somewhat to CTRL-Pos1 and CTRL-END-Function while not here not the Cursor but the selected Items goes there. Feel Opportunity to do an Abstraction here resp to generalize Behavior of List-Handling-Funcs.

Powerful as well is Grouping of Items temporary by Selection to move a whole Bunch of Items.
Actually List allow Permutation of single Items inside visible Section of Queue. Both Grouping and Kick would allow a much better .. Permutation-Rate per Klick/Action to introduce obective Numbers.
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