Species and Paper,Scissor,Stone

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Species and Paper,Scissor,Stone

#1 Post by Adamant » Sat Jan 18, 2014 4:49 am

To disappoint first: the attractive Triple addresses
* Paper for Carbonic Carbonites (Organic BioChemistry HC+X)
* Scissor for Metal Mechanicals
* Stone for Silicium Silcants

The better is the Competitor of the good (battle a good is not a clear bettter,
let me see how the good doing) and the listed Tipple above can cover resp
afaics CLASSIFY the made Species for FO. First Question: Left there any
Space which does not fit into Metal,Carbon or Silicium? Found Elementar
lie Species so we may take them into own Group while dont find any Term
that fit into Paper,Scissor,Stone Set - Proposals welcome. Perhaps Fire but
that is anyway close to elementary Name. Torch?

Now to the carbonic Branch we did perhaps face while doing BreakFirst.
As we know a large Zoolology for the Carbonic Branch we are more
familar with and may consider to apply at free accesible Knowledge
under Kind of OpenSource DataBase some call Wiki or Wikipedia.

See for first Scare: LIFE

Note that Size of Matter below origins from Interest, to make Game
able to know that a Worm is not an Insect but an Articulata Animal.
Read more to see that all that Scare results from Terms which are
probably just unusual for you and due to Biologists apply Latin for
their Terminology, these Terms may appear impressive consfusing
but are not if you try to map them to Meaning like Insect to Animal
that is parted into Sections. That phiphapho-Things I am not sure
what these means as well but I dont have to but use Wikipedia to
figure out which Terms are concerning no Matter if I can spell them
while most Terms are no Problem for me to get Idea how that Tree
looks like. You have Idea about as well, and finding there is another
Tree you can even not spell should not matter you to consider to
ignore it better. See, we go fishing and you take please that Bucket
with Eji.. Articulumuiata, ... that stupid Worms with please to go
fishing - that is all. ArteCulata means something like Classification
with WordRoot Art with Character of Character/KindOf but sounds
much more intelligent. SelfMadeFertilizer sounds better than F***
even it is semantical same Level. So we have to deal here just with
cool Terminology while I learned I can address my Wheel-Seller with
RotiFere. :)

Image o ClassificationSystemSystem below goes down to Level which is not
inside Scope of Matter here and thus cover/contain irrelevant Details but
cover also all relevants Levels as well from Carbonic Branch.
I would factor in:
and finally a SubCategoryLevel I consider to be inspirative, while marks that
I consider to be potentially beyond Scope of that I would clearly advice to
cover: (take it? leave it? dunno! see: )

But when look examplary for INSECT,
Classification-Level I would like to see covered, I can extract from
Insects (from Latin insectum, ... , "cut into sections")
are a class of invertebrates
within the arthropod phylum
that have a chitinous exoskeleton
Wow...sectionized with Chitin ExoSkeleton, remind Sound of Fly addressed by Flap,
(whazzup Buzzer?) thought always had heared a silent click but was not sure about.
Point is: that Level of ClassificationOrganisation at least me can map to Species from
daily Life.

Providing such Informations could make Player wonder about but allow to cover best
systematicel Inventions like InsectoCide which are really effective just for Insects
while Mechanics could perhaps it causes terrible Interferences to their Sensors and
therefore get considered as serious Problem affecting daily Life etc. while the Insects
dont wail. Uranium is btw Kind of generic BioCide as its Radiation cause Damage to
arbitrary Kind of Materials inclusive Robotics which dont like shooten CPUs or Noise
on Visor.

In Context of that Classification-Level for Insects: CLASS

For Species-Provider the Matter is not that complicated in Context of Pragmatism.
If you assign erroneous your Robot-Species into Class Articulate Animal from Kingdom Animalia, Superphylum Lophotrochozoa, Phylum Annelida you just have to accept that your
Robots are very sensitive for Worm-Ex and that is all. If you think your Idea about what it is is well enough like you
consider your Worm-Species to be Insects and are thus resistent to Worm-Ex but not Insecticides than is all fine inside
your Scope.

The driving Point for you as Species Designer should be does considered SUBSET of existing Classification System cover your own Needs while you may ignore Depth you dont need while are welcome to explain what Level you need - me did have to note that Insects are even a Level lower than that I considered for first to be sufficient, shown by Example Insects. IF you dont want to see Worms handled same like Insects resp want Way of Handle to deal them different you have to factor in Level down to max (depth(insect),depth(worms)) and thanks Wikipedia it is simple to select Species like Insect and see the small Box for systematic Classification or move up the Classification Chain from Description to next Super-Class till Paper as afaics Scissor and and Stone are not covered from Wikipedia till that top Levels and as you do it once maximals per each Species you made it is not really a difficult Task even it smells like that for first. Feel the Smell as well but found it was not to the Point.

I dont matter when you say Paper, Scissor and Stone and Fire are sufficient to deal for
first there Scope better than actually no existing Meaning aside of DSCR Description
addressing human Readers. Wont consider Code to extract by searching for KeyWords
to do it blunt solved makes Species ith DSCR containing "can not like Worms" to Worm
Species. Correct Solution is Carbonic,Metallic, Silic and Elementary. (other Specis
possible which still not fit into that Top-Level-Clasification but no Problem to add them
if Gear for Classification got implemented)

What do you think about Classification itself to precise Data suited for Game to differ
Robotic from Organic as Plagues for one can hardly concern the other? Dont focus only
ClassificationDepth without telling if you consider that Classification useful or not, in
Way of we do not have to distinguish between green and blue Insects without telling
if we could make Use from implemented Knowledge and Data or Species that Horses
and Rabbits concerns both to Mammals and Insects are same Level like Mammals and
therefor Insects join in Tree with Mammals on another Level but thus could enable
Research Items with specific Harms like Carbonites or Artecuata Animals. That offer
easy Handling of such Aspects. If you have Grouping Mammals you do not have write
for Reasearch Item specific Data for each Species like Mammal-Ex effects Horse, Rabbit,
and that Way perhaps forget to cover other Mammals or can not due to they do still
not exist. With that Species Designer can explain his Species to be a Mammal and
thus it cocerns to that Ex's Scope. Note Aim is to make Things easier but that does
not mean that Solution have to dont consist of any other easier Meanings for in Way
of for free. Either Developer write Code that deals that logical systematical and without
there remain unlogical/unsystematical Meanings if ever and cause effective more Work
to get same or some or any from that Kind which means simplfied want Designer Meanings
to explain special Resistances for all Research Harm-Items and Developer may consider
if Game may have Idea for Robot Organic Animal, Silicant and Elementar like Entitites,
I remind there was Kind of Species which was explained to be Kind of intelligent
electric Charge like a Cloud .. or Whirl... would give that either Fire or Air while it
concerns essential to Fire even lives in Air resp can not exist in discharging Environments
like Water what does not make it to a Non-Water and same Way it is not Air while its
Phase related to Plasma as consist to electric unbalanced/unneutralized Charges which
concerns to Fire. In Water those Charges lost (kinetic/thermal) Energies to Water and
thuse recombine and no free Charge reamin and thus that Thingy is gone or concerns
to something else matterless resp that Charges are just Phenomen like Shadow but
not that causing Entities direct. Well, can figure out such clearly. Designer of that
Species may prefer to assign it to Elementar SubGroup Water if like, I do neither care
here nor later but he can take Group he prefer most for. So: do we Paper, Scissor,
Stone and Fire or do we dont that? I wondered that same Plague-Tec in Research
Tree concerns to all Species ... perhaps abstracted to Idee?
Pure Cyan harms PhotoReceptors doubtless - even half Portion appears mysterious.

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