SaveGame with ScreenShot

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SaveGame with ScreenShot

#1 Post by Adamant » Wed Jan 22, 2014 7:47 am

Several Enhancement of SaveGame-Features

Please add per GenMap Dialog to specify according SaveGame-Folder
as Representant of Match-Name and per Default save there concerning
SaveGames while Sav-Dialog may override Selection as usual.

Plain FileMeta like Game-specific or FileSystem FS-specific File-Access.
When saving a File its Access-Data gets updated for FS but when same
File get moved or access with Editor like Game its FS-Access-Data does
not reflect Issues from Playing - last Move != last Play&Change. Would
like laaarge Detail-Info-Screen for .... but some Data are mandatory to
change that cryptic Default-FileNames into meaningful Data-Objects.
This is primary about adding Meta to get Idea what SaveGame it is and
secondary what Data is suited resp gets factored in and how that Data
get stored/handled via FS and SaveGame-Features.

File Meta knows about User and Group while FO knows about PlayerNames.
For a Match Names of other Non-AI Players are relevant while Profiles for
Player and ProfileRndGen gen quickly half-anonymous PlayerIDs.

MatchID: Private Match vs 8xAI
MatchDSCR: Solo Match, Fun, check out new Strategies
StarMap: Galaxy 4-Arms, NUM Stars
Players: Foo, Bar, 6xAI,
Turn: num
Comment: Saved after hard Battle Comment per SaveGame

Please add visual MetaData to File and FileContent like Kind of ScreenShot
from StarMap Section where the Players has his Capitol, StarMap-Meta from
Gen like Topoology/Morphology and Size. ScreenShot from OverAll View of
Galaxy with neutral PlayerColors to cover somewhat Details from Player
where he is located on ThumbNail Picture of Galaxy to give him few Infos
about the still covered StarMap but Kind of StarMap-Reveal-Idea how much
the Players did already colonize there. Resume ScreenShot from local and
total StarMap shall give Idea about which Match/Map it is and how much the
Match grow on Map without as few can suited Data for Regional Use.

You may add this and that and wonder about some other but for sure actually
the SaveGames are rather cryptic and anonym and just tell when loaded what
they contain - so you may agree (but one) to add anything is reasonable.
Pure Cyan harms PhotoReceptors doubtless - even half Portion appears mysterious.

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