GUI-Feature-Collector (minor Features)

For what's not in 'Top Priority Game Design'. Post your ideas, visions, suggestions for the game, rules, modifications, etc.
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GUI-Feature-Collector (minor Features)

#1 Post by Adamant » Wed Jan 22, 2014 9:27 am

Instead asking for SubFora for Proposals to sort them into Categories like
* GUI (How does it look and feel like? LayOut! -- IO with User, eg HotKeys or Window-LayOut, Button for Func)
* Engine (How does it behave? -- Model Features like eg Star 3D Coords)
* NET (How talk/coop remote Parts? -- IO with remote Server/Clients - Protocol&Transfer)
* FILE (How read Match from Disk or store it there? -- IO with Storage, FileFormat/Import/Export)
* AI (eg AI could behave smartly - novum ... sorry - call here for better example, plz :D)

* Scripting (eg can CFG for Species get Meaning to change Species Color on each Turn? Can Python Campaign Code write custom Player MSG? Eg add Event for if Player discovered Orion and Handler is BroadCast MSG to Player and other Players)
* Unsorted/Other/NEW (if Player dont know to what above it concerns it he feels here safe - Mods relocate on Demand)

The latter Item groups factual different Kinds of Jobs, eg proposal for Lib xz to compress Data for IO File and NET concerns both inclusive Scope like Packaging of Built - so it is GENERIC covered by OTHER. COMPLEX is another Scope which merge Things above - but it is possible to split a specific Proposal into the Simplices above and thus help to deal with different Aspects - Engine how to add it to Model, GUI how to see and access it resp Look&Feel. Better source out VIEW and CTRL from merging GUI which combine these, eg Slider represent Fuse of VIEW and CTRL while that Gadget factor in VIEW and forward Changes to CTRL. I think the upper specific Items cover most for Proposer relevant Scopes while Item with NEW helps Users to omit write into wrong Forum but just potentially lesser ideal Forum. Discussion or Mod Action can support resp perform the Sorting.

If a Property/Attribute/Behavior not inside the Model, eg PlayerColor, than there can not be a View for and no Way to change it while GUI deals how to integrate them into widgets. How to store that in SaveGame or transfer it via Network are other Scopes. Make Script ables to deal with is Requirement for Campaign Code to create AI-Player Ohohoh with Color ToxicPurple and AI-Player Objective to purpleize Player Blue and REd and ignore Green and Yellow. Not each Feature does concerns to all given Scopes above.

As these SubFora does not exist I to add small minor Features which are mainly of brief Nature which are considered to be rational in Way of we could add CloseButtons or safe them via HotKey ESC or Pointer-Middle-Click - about that Level of Briefness.

Reason for that above is: Plz align in Menu ShipDesign ShipHull and ShipDSCR vertical instead horizontal or store Custom Layout from Player - have to restore it always when deal with multiple SaveGameFiles or even both.

Dont want to open extra Thread for such a minor Issue if possible and wont argue for to explain how incredible useful and important it is. Take or left it - i wont fred for no Matter if I am sure if just me consider it to be self-evident or also other. Point here is brief and Expection for no large Discussion about single Items while Question which are more important to deal first with concerns other Scope. Could find thousands and each may find another more important resp irrelevant - wont argue for anything here while IMO one hundred of them as about same important like another hundred minor Feaatures - so I dont say anything about.

Brief Item Description is Item is about Single-Liner.
Pure Cyan harms PhotoReceptors doubtless - even half Portion appears mysterious.

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