Control: toggle Radar passive (Stealth) and active

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Control: toggle Radar passive (Stealth) and active

#1 Post by Adamant » Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:34 pm

Engine can already handle that but CTRL misses to switch that.
One could that consider as Aggro-Mode for Ship resp switch that via Ship-Behavior
but better Radar-Mode independent from Battle-Mode to dive back into SpaceTime.
How about ghosty Seek-Reminder with Meaning of: saw that there but it is invisible
again but was there.

How about different Lines for SignlaStrength for detected and undetected Objects?
When know it is there another Line is responsible for getting Detection than reverse
losing Sight of a detected Object?

Think of an Submarine that does a single Ping and its Position is clear very far and
have to move to get out of Sight same like its pinged Objects. Then think of an odd
Submarine resp Station that pings whole Day. That Station can hardly disappear due
to it can not move while the Submarine does not have to move to hide due to it can
not hide with active Sonar. Now how can add both Modes distinguished? EG rnd Ping
while the TurnChange and stepped Movements for a SnapShot and frequent Ping for
tracking all in Range. This Features have strong Impact to Strategy of Game.

Actually I dont want to illuminated own Region with Active Radar on Ship while
sometimes I want to get SnapShot for Idea how Situation is but dont want to
scrap for Ship or Site with active Radar.

I miss some more ICT resp ComputerTec and SoftWare Tec with Depency to Radar.
Field Harmony for Algo and ICT to extract Data from Signals are good Candidates
for Synergetic Research-Tecs.

Btw consider Idea to make Tecs lesser depending to be really ... curious!
R&D-TEcs of FO are rather well considered to be suited for Combination.
How about GFX just GreyScale? Some stated that Colors can be confusing ..
I dont agree resp pro the DownGrade-Strategy (and dont touch a Line for)!
Pure Cyan harms PhotoReceptors doubtless - even half Portion appears mysterious.

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