ShipDesign and SiteDesign

For what's not in 'Top Priority Game Design'. Post your ideas, visions, suggestions for the game, rules, modifications, etc.
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ShipDesign and SiteDesign

#1 Post by Adamant » Wed Jan 22, 2014 4:52 pm

Frame-Codes resp Scopes -- These OOP Entities are visible on the Map:
* StarMap (eg Observatory)
* Star resp Node
* Lane
* Planet as SubElement of Star just at SideBar - listed here as Transit-Object -- better zoom into Map
* Site located onto Planet
* SpaceCraft/Fleet on (any) Orbit
Summa 6

There are mainly 6 Kind of Action Scopes:
* Fleet Movement on StarMap
* SpaceCraft-Interaction with Planet
* Research - Total Scope
* Colonization and Invasion -- SpaceCraft Interaction with foreign Planet
* Production - Total Scope but local Selection
* ShipDesign
Summa 6 again

Way of Idea to Production
Many Products from Reasearch can get utilized that Way:
In ShipDesign Classes for Ships get defined factoring in new Technologies.
For Sites no Equivalent exist -- but COULD.
Production produce per Planet:
* SpaceCrafts from custom Classes
* Sites from predefined Classes

We could make Sites custom like Ships!
Consider REAL Issues for a Site: There is a Site and you can outfit it
to produce Cakes. You can perhaps also do many other Things inside
but if Site is not well suited for AutoMobile industry or ICT Production,
you can NOT build SpaceCrafts in a Site suited for Bakery due to WHAT REASONS?
These Reasons are the ideal realisitic behaving Properties which have to get factored
in to avoid effectivly that Site for Observatory does not get used for SpaceCraftProduction
due to .. its about PowerConsumption, Number of OfficeRooms, Capacity of Stock,
Amount/Volume of Production Chambers -- you dont get a Fusion Reactor into Office
or it is really advanced. if you dont want to deal manually with Question what Gear
fits into new Building Type have rational Attributes.

EG compare with Tec Colonization and do Kind of ShoppingList for:
Colonization Pod, COMM, Landing Gear, Drive, Reactor, LifeSupportSystem.
Then take a ShipHull and see if you can put all into that Hull and if that
works you can colonize with. Consider Tests like for Production: You dont
have to check if Assembly is reasonable but what Features can work. Like
ShipDesign without necessary Production Site can not get produced and dont
appear in List Prodcution Options same Way Features of SpaceCraft can get
listed for Player, eg InspectFeatures to see what Gear can do.

Imporant Point is that there exist Classes (Knowledge) how to do that and we
have just to teach them to do same for Ships and Sites for Operation. EG
Stellar LightHouse does not operate due to their is not enough Energy for.
Colinizer does respect special Requirements before offer to colonize - need
just Ability from Production resp Production have to learn to colonize and
be loocated on Ship resp deal with changing Environment if it still can not.
Pure Cyan harms PhotoReceptors doubtless - even half Portion appears mysterious.

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