Sorting tabs for the build cue, and ship building icons

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Sorting tabs for the build cue, and ship building icons

#1 Post by Ta'Lon » Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:02 am

I think it might be nice to add some sorting tabs to the build cue.

Some suggested sorting tabs could be:

<Location> <Turns to Complete> <Type>

Said tabs would appear at the top, perhaps above the production points report.

<Location> would sort your builds alphabetically by star system, so that, as an example, all of the builds going on at the Gamow system would appear grouped together. This can be helpful when you are trying to figure out which planets in a given planetary system are curently building ships, etc.

<Turns to Complete> would put those items that currently will be finished first at the top, and sorting the rest of the items in the current order of completion (this can of course change when supply lines are cut and such).

<Type> would sort your builds by type, so you could see how many geointegration facilites, terraforming operations, colony ships, Titan Mk I's, etc. you currently have in your build cue.

Also, it might be nice if some sort of build icon would appear in the planetary display when ships are being built, similar to what happens with Exobots. The item would shown with a completion scrollbar the same as buildings. A generic 'ship' icon could be used for ships, essentially a pointy triangle thingie.

This would help show you at a glance which planets are 'busy' and which are not.

Finally, adding a 'build' icon next to a star system that is currently building something might be nice. A hammer in a circle or some such, so as to not confuse it with ships. Placing in the lower left corner of the system circle when a build is taking place seems like a good place.

Said build icon could also appear on the planetary display at say the lower left corner of the planet pic, along with the tiny scrolling icon in the items list. Sometimes it's hard to see if an building, etc. has a scroll bar or not.

Alternatively, a completion scroll bar could appear underneath the planet icon (in the system display), like so:

(This is a large planet pic)
Building: Colony Ship
[xxxxx 2 turns xxx---]

But I'm guessing that would require significantly more script work than just placing a simple hammer and circle icon in the window.

That way, you can see at a glance which star systems/planets are currently building things, and which ones are currently idle.
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