FreeOrion a grab the resource game

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FreeOrion a grab the resource game

#1 Post by davoidinca » Fri May 30, 2014 1:39 am

You have the start of a good grab the resource game and it wouldn't take much to make it a great one! Depending what resources you have access to will dictate what technology’s you pursue. The tech tree would have to be greatly modified, but it would be worth it. Examples:

Astroids are needed for astroid hulls
Probiodic soup is needed for organic hulls
Super conductors are needed for energy hulls
Positronium Ash for robotic hulls
Spawning grounds for domesticated mega-fauna

Second tier
“Silmaline crystals” are needed for crystal hulls
“Caretakers Fruit” is need for better organic tech
A “new resource” is needed for better energy tech
A “new resource” is needed for better robots tech
“Feeder Phish” are needed for better mega-fauna tech

Unique traits in each tech would allow some interesting match-ups. Examples:
Astroids are cheap but slow. Organic heals fast (advanced damage control would only work on organic hulls). Energy would have high speed and the ability to run blockades. Robots would have the ability to add shield. Mega-Fauna would need “breeding pens”, “new nests” and “genetic engineering (to generate new sub-types)” technology's. Mega-Fauna you wouldn't have to pay for, but they breed slow.
Of course there could be other techs, maybe something to do with Lithic species?

Comments and suggestions welcome
--Davoid in CA

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Re: FreeOrion a grab the resource game

#2 Post by Geoff the Medio » Fri May 30, 2014 8:39 am

There have been some previous discussions about adding / expanding the concept of strategic resources in FreeOrion, which you might want to look at:

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