Fleet "Guard" tag

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Fleet "Guard" tag

#1 Post by flap »

Hello, I am discovering Freeorion, and appreciate sofar the effort on reducing micro management (such as the new colonization process)

One thing I thought could be useful would be to be allowed to tag one fleet per system as "guard" : it would skipped when cycling through idle fleets. Sword of the stars implemented that, and it was nice.

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Re: Fleet "Guard" tag

#2 Post by cseraphi »

That would be an excellent win! If adding a UI element (checkbox) would be too cluttered at this point, maybe just skip fleets with "Guards" (or whatever) in their name? You could hedge against accidents by making the behavior a non-default play option, or perhaps by adding a sitrep like "4 named guard fleets were not flagged as idle".

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Re: Fleet "Guard" tag

#3 Post by wheals »

Alternatively it could be an alternative to Aggressive/Passive, usually using the same rules as the former.
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