The Rhemosians

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The Rhemosians

#1 Post by Sinister » Wed Feb 02, 2005 6:23 am

Here I present to you the Rhemosian race:

This is a first Image.

Intro: The Rhemosians are cold blooded Humanoid-Reptilians. They are a Militaristic Race that lives only to expand and conquer. They are the product of unaltered evolution, it is to say that they are a young race, older than Humans, yet younger than most post Orion races.

History: The Rhemosians are as we said before a young race, it is not exactly known by Rhemosian scientists when life began on their homeworld, mostly because those matters are of religious context in Rhemosians culture, it is known by scientists that they are a post-orion race. As to their direct origin; while it is common evolution in certain carbon-based, oxygen and hydrogen worlds, that the first primitive land beings are early amphibians, and this continued state of evolution produced reptiles and although not the case in most worlds, if the unaltered eco-system allows it, Reptiles become the dominant species. Thus the Reptilians, thus Humanoid-Reptilian, thus.. .. the Rhemosians.

The Rhemosians lived a normal course of history, they developed tribes, then nations and finally they developed Empires. This became the base of Rhemosian life as the First Empire, The Naccar Empire “Naccar being a flying bird-reptile, the symbol of the Empire” began to expand and conquer every sector of their planet. The Naccar Empire conquered each and every subspecies of Rhemosians and exterminated them over the course of two thousand years. The only other sub-repitilian species that survived was the Rous, (an amphibian parallel species) that was incorporated to a second level class.

So by controlling the whole planet in one Empire, the Rhemosians finally achieved stable technological advancement and steady population growth. The society was near perfect due to a militarized obedient structure.

As the Rhemosian Empire halted territorial expansion and the population grew to unsustainable numbers, the planetary scientists developed space travel to create a new source of Empire Expansion.

Homeworld: The Rhemosian homeworld of Rhemos, is a volcanic-tropical/tundra environment (as in the case of most relatively young worlds). They have large industrial effectiveness because of the need of military mass production, yet they have large eco-logical impact.

The Rhemosians to not inhabit the polar areas of their planet because of the low temperatures and their cold reptilian blood. Therefore after obtaining space travel technology they have targeted warm environment planets, that could range from Desert, to Terran, to Jungle, to Tundra or Aquatic.

Social Structure: The Rhemosian Social structure is quite simple, First Class that is exclusively Rhemosian Reptilians and Second Class that is exclusively Rhemosian Rous Amphibians. The other social factors are castes, two of them “Soldier” “Science/Priest”, are for Rhemosians and the third one “Workers” for Rous. As for Social System the Rhemosian live under an Imperial Centralized Dictatorship, as is the case of most Empires.

Appearance: The Rhemosians are a humanoid species, bipedal with reversed knee joints, scaled skin (very small almost un-noticeable scales) that appears to be quite brilliant. Large strong torso, strong arms, and thick necks that are home to the gill-like breathing holes they have instead of noses. They have small almost non visible mouths located high on prominent strong featured chins, they have radiant eyes mostly of green color “although other colors like yellow and blue have being rarely seen”, smooth heads, with no visible ears “thought it is known that they have subcutaneous ears sensible to the most audible vibrations”. Most Rhemosians are of green or brownish colors, they present a wide variety of markings or scale pigmented patterns on their backs, necks and sometimes faces. Rhemosians have no tails an odd-fact to contradict most bipedal reptilian species.

Rhemosians generally in the Soldier class wield permanently wear an armor “heritage of past Imperial times” that are a sign of their class, and are not merely ornamental s they are elaborated from strong metal alloys created on their home world thus form excellent personal protection. The Scientists/Priest “the Rhemosian word means the same in our language” wears colorful cloths with the Naccar Imperial Insignia , and most Rous wear simple tunics and second class organic armors.

Attributes: Rhemosians would have excellent production in industrial capabilities (but would have poor environmental controls), their research would be normal, a slight advantage in personal protection area (battle suits). They would also have high defense advantage in ground attacks (due to enhanced personal defense, and experience in Empire sustainability – a x-thousand year empire shows they know how to defend theirselves) but they would have reduced space combat abilities in space combat as most reptiles grow slow in cold exposure.

Also the Rhemosians are highly xenophobic, they due not seek to establish relations with other races, the only reason they ventured to space to was expand the Empire, so diplomatic skills are quite poor. Another thing that could trigger direct Rhemosian assaults could be if a player holds a high percentage of “warm-worlds” so the Rhemosians might seek these prized territories.

Industry – excellent
Mining – good
Environment – serious pop growth penalty in non-warm planets.
Research – average
Combat – slight space combat penalty (could be remove by research) and higher ground defense.
Diplomacy – poor

(p.s I took the text format from someone elses race post, I hope its ok, but I needed and idea as to how get each point done.)

I know the graph is bad, but hey! im no pro in art!
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#2 Post by Ablaze » Thu Feb 03, 2005 5:27 pm

I'll assume you posted it as a new topic because you want creative criticism.

A+ on the formatting. Your quotes end in odd places. Various irregularities in sentence structure, but otherwise very readable.

The main issue I have is that you make certain assumptions about the relative age of another race (humans) near the beginning. There is no guarantee that we will have a race of humans, or about how old they will be in this storyline.

You can post it in the “post your races here” thread if you like.
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#3 Post by Sinister » Thu Feb 03, 2005 7:02 pm

ok, thanxs. :D

i thought this was the place to post them. But i'll put a new post in that thread.
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#4 Post by Tyreth » Thu Feb 03, 2005 9:58 pm

Ablaze wrote: The main issue I have is that you make certain assumptions about the relative age of another race (humans) near the beginning. There is no guarantee that we will have a race of humans, or about how old they will be in this storyline.
Humans will be in FreeOrion :)

Sinister, the correct method is to post your race in the thread that Ablaze mentioned. We then give it its own thread if/when we are ready to. The story is mostly on hold for the moment so we're not in a hurry for race submissions.

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#5 Post by Sinister » Sat Feb 05, 2005 7:28 pm

:o YAY!! humans will be included!! :o

Ok, as i said before i didnt know about the procedure.. but i wont fall out of line again..
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#6 Post by Impaler » Tue Jun 07, 2005 8:49 am

I have been thinking of making a Race modeled on the Planet of the Apes and Platos republic. Their would be 3 castes from 3 races and they would corespond to the Gold, Silver and Bronze castes of Platos republic. I think your race could easily fuffilll that desire with only a modest change.

Rather then having the top caste or Warrior and Scientist/Priest be the same species split them up between 2 species, the warrirors being bigger and more agressive and the Sci/priests being smarter, the workers are the smallest. All 3 are closely related though. Rather then one group concouring the others lets say they all united together to defeat some primitive mammal like creature that was previously dominating their planet (they were defeated and driven into the arctic areas ware they are slowly dieing and no longer a threat).

Also I think their should be some redeming qualities to these guys they sould a bit too evil to me, perhaps is they were more "honorable" and atleast dont break their word.

As far as Biology I like the neck gills and scales but would look for something less human in the head, to start with lets say their Eyes are Camelion like siting on the sides of their heads in large mounds that alow them to rotate to view a half hemisphere, by pointing both eyes forward they can look strait ahead . Their mouth could be a vertical slit running almos the full lenght of their head (head expands to swallow large things like a snake). For a final twist lets throw in a rather un-reptilian trait. Lets give them long arms, they can walk on all 4 when running but typicaly stand on 2 legs. The long arms help them climb in their Jungle environment.

I will see if I can think up anything else that might be of use.
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#7 Post by utilae » Tue Jun 07, 2005 11:11 pm

I think we should just post races in the race forum as we like. A mod can make an index thread with links to each race (to find them easily). This way the race forum will have more activity, more races will be created, therefore a better chance of good ones being kept for the game.

The single race thread we have been expected to post in, doesn't always get looked at and it is hard to find races in that thread without an index thread of some kind.

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